Say Goodbye to Wrinkles–the Green Way–with RE9

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Uniquely formulated for drier skin, this ultra-hydrating crème features high concentrations of moisture-enhancing ingredients that support collagen, and protect and restore skin’s youthful appearance.(1.3 fl. oz.)

Face it: When your face is staring back at you in the mirror, you can’t help but to notice the areas where your skin is becoming not-so-smooth. If only smoothing out those unwelcome wrinkles were as easy as steaming wrinkles out of your cotton blouse in the morning. With the green RE9 Advanced Anti-aging System through Arbonne, removing those wrinkles–and “wearing” your face out in public with more pride than ever before–indeed is possible.

RE9 Advanced Anti-aging System by Arbonne is a realm of its own: It was the first of its kind to tackle the “after” effects of aging and sun exposure. This is possible because RE9 features nine critical anti-aging elements, with products that target both the face and the body available through Arbonne.

The environmentally friendly product features ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10, which has been proven to slow down the aging process caused by cell stress. In addition, RE9 contains vitamins C and E, which protect the skin against the damaging rays of the sun. Flaxseed oil also is present in RE9: This oil contains nutrients and vitamins that contribute to healthy skin as well as boost the texture and tone of your complexion—which includes the appearance of wrinkles.

RE9 isn’t just for women, either. Arbonne has an RE9 product that is designed specifically for men. After all, men—even if the ones in your life don’t admit it—want healthy skin and would prefer that their fine lines disappear, too. They’re not getting any younger, so why not take advantage of an earth-friendly product that not only minimizes the signs of aging but also features the added bonus of smoothing razor burn?

Getting older is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be traumatic with a little RE9 showing up just in time. With RE9 from Arbonne, you can hold onto the vibrant skin of your youth longer while also being friendly to Mother Earth – two reasons to walk around with pride this fall season.

By Jennifer Bunting

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