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4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Conventional Heating System For A Solar Unit

Solar Energy Advantages

Do you need a job or pool heater in Tampa, a place that enjoys only a mild winter? The answer is yes. Since you are mostly habituated to a warm and humid climate for the better part of the year, even a slight drop in the temperature is likely to make you stay away from the swimming pool. The result? You will end up missing the pool for a good many months every year. Pool heating can be the only solution. However, given the high cost of pool heating, you may not find the idea of investing in a conventional heating system exciting.  Solar pool heaters offer a more affordable alternative to fossil-fuel-based heaters. According to the findings of EPA, solar-powered units can reduce your heating costs significantly. The initial cost can be anything between $3,000 and $4,000. Depending on the price of fuel in your area, the payback time can be 1.5 to 7 years. After that period, the system would continue to give you free heating for the next 10 to 15 years. Apart from the cost factor,  there are many reasons why you may consider using a solar pool heating system for your Tampa home:

High Return on Investment

A sun-powered heating unit offers substantial monetary benefits. Not only does it help to reduce your electric or gas bill but also enhances the value of your home. As a result, you get a handsome resale price when you decide to sell your home. With people becoming more and more environmentally conscious, buyers give preferences to solar homes. And a solar pool heater will help your home stand out in the competition.

Mental Satisfaction

Installing a solar pool heater in your home is not all about monetary benefits; it gives you the satisfaction of being a part of a worldwide initiative. As the world continues its war against global warming, solar heating offers you the opportunity to cut back on your household’s carbon footprint. When you use the sun’s energy instead of fossil fuel to meet your heating needs, you can prevent three to 10 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering into the atmosphere. A car emits the same amount of CO2 over a year. So, you can well understand that this is by no means a small feat.

Extended Family Time

Swimming is a great exercise. But what is the use of having a swimming pool in your home if you have to give it a miss for several months every year? Heated pool, on the other hand, allows you to exercise throughout the year, contributing to your health and wellbeing. Remember that even if you can endure lower temperature, exposure to chill for an extended period may cause respiratory infections in both children and adults. A heated pool can help you avoid medical issues due to excessive heat loss. With a heated pool in your backyard,  you can enjoy swimming sessions with your entire family for nine to 10 months of the year.

Stress-Free Ownership

A low-maintenance solar pool heater makes a worry-free addition to your home. With these long-lasting heating solutions, you don’t have to worry about frequent replacements or upgrades. With a free supply of clean and green heating, all you can do is relax and enjoy some refreshing splashes along with your entire family.

Installing a solar pool heating system in your Tampa home can extend the swimming season by a couple of months. Moreover, you can rest assured that you won’t be having fun at the cost of nature. However, it is essential that you choose a reputable solar installation company to draw out an installation blueprint that would be compatible with your home and the pool.

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