Solar Impulse 2 arrived in New York from Lehigh Valley. (Image from

Solar Impulse – Lehigh Valley to New York

The Solar Impulse 2 mission recently made its way to New York City after landing at JFK airport. It aims to be the first plane to circumnavigate the globe without a single drop of fuel.

Solar Impulse 2 arrived in New York from Lehigh Valley. (Image from
Solar Impulse 2 arrived in New York from Lehigh Valley. (Image from

Solar Impulse 2 pilot Andre Borschberg took the relatively short flight from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, to New York in under five hours. To mark the reaching of the special milestone for the mission, Borschberg circled over the Statue of Liberty. This statue, which represents freedom and opportunity, is also a symbol of what is possible for the mission’s #FutureIsClean initiative.

“It was symbolic to fly over the Statue of Liberty being free from fossil fuel,” Borschberg told CNN after landing. “The weather was perfect last night, too. I felt like a 3- or 4-year-old looking at a Christmas tree. I was so excited.”

Landing in New York also signified the end of the mission’s crossing the United States. Next up? To fly across the Atlantic Ocean to Spain. Co-pilot Bertrand Piccard was slated to take the controls for the next leg of the journey. At this point, the journey was nearing its completion after more than a year of careful flying and planning. Its goal was to spread the message of a clean energy world.

The ultimate goal of the flight was to return to Abu Dhabi to complete the journey started over a year ago. Beyond that, the objective was to foster concrete actions and solutions to achieve a clean future, through the #FutureIsClean campaign. If the clean technologies used on the airplane were utilized on the ground, the world could reduce 50 percent of its energy consumption. The campaign eventually hopes to replace old, polluting devices with clean technologies.

A highlight video of this leg of the journey can be viewed here.

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