Solar Impulse 2 made its flight from Seville to Cairo. (Image from

Solar Impulse – Seville to Cairo

Solar Impulse 2 made its penultimate flight, soaring 2,327 miles from Seville, Spain to Egypt’s capital city of Cairo. The flight was also mission co-founder and CEO André Borschberg’s final stint behind the controls. Bertrand Piccard was slated to be in the cockpit for the final flight to Abu Dhabi, where the Si2 began its journey in March 2015.

Solar Impulse 2 made its flight from Seville to Cairo. (Image from
Solar Impulse 2 made its flight from Seville to Cairo. (Image from

During the two-full-day flight, Borschberg flew over Tunisia, Algeria, Malta, Italy, Greece, and finally the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Piccard looked forward to his final leg of the journey.

“It’s a new era for energy,” Piccard said. “I love to fly this plane because when you are in the air for several days you have the impression to be in a film of science fiction. You look at the sun, you look at your motors, they turn for days and for days, no fuel. And you think that’s a miracle. That’s magic. It is actually the reality of today. This is what we can do with these new technologies.”

The Solar Impulse mission released a highlight video of this leg of the journey which can be viewed here. The crew’s next step was to plot a course back to Abu Dhabi, where the mission began.

The mission’s goal was to return to Abu Dhabi, where the journey began over a year ago. It also wishes to spark tangible solutions and actions to achieve a sustainable future, through its #FutureIsClean campaign. If the airplane’s clean technologies were used on the ground, the earth could decrease its energy consumption by half. The campaign would like to eventually replace traditional pollution-causing devices with green technologies.


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