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Solar Jobs: Break into the Industry with Solar Sales

The easiest way to discourage yourself from getting into the solar industry is a “lack of qualifications.” But for all of the roles involved in manufacturing and maintenance with solar, one is often forgotten–sales.

With oil plummeting, solar continues to be on the rise. CNN reports that solar energy jobs have more than doubled over the past five years. The residential photovoltaics market is booming. GreenBiz has a great blog on why things are looking up for solar PV, and Fortune reports that more American homes than ever before are getting solar panels. The thing is, someone has to sell this stuff!

Plenty of jobs are posted on the web to get started, including at the CareerBuilder Resource Center at U.S. Green Technology. Many seek the same qualifications: hard worker, optimistic, team player, communication skills, flexible, reliable. You’ll also see familiar trends with job requirements: lead generation, proposal generation, deal closing, building a community presence, etc. No previous solar experience is necessary (in most cases), just some experience with general sales. Many companies will even provide training to learn the ropes of the industry.

The jobs offer high earning potential while solar is so high in demand. A job in a sustainable industry also offers great stability. And the future in the industry is bright (pun intended). The U.S. Energy Information Administration EIA expects total renewables used in the electric power sector to increase by 8.1% in 2016.

If it’s a career in solar energy you seek but don’t know where to start, sales may very well be the answer, and a lucrative one at that.

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