Solar Jobs: How to Win Your Customers Over

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If you are planning to become a solar energy service provider, it’s no secret that you face a wealth of competition in today’s booming green energy market. We all know that customers will choose the service provider who best looks out for their interests, so why not be one of them? Show your customers why you are no. 1 by shedding some light on a few areas that matter most to them—right from the start. Here are a few tidbits of wisdom to get you started on your way to having some pretty sunny days in the solar energy sector.

1) Be sure to tell your potential customers to reduce their energy consumption before they even think about purchasing solar power systems. Completing energy retrofits and simply altering one’s lifestyle can help a customer to shave 30 percent off his or her energy bill. Adding a solar energy device on top of this very well may help them to enjoy electricity cost-free, so surprise them with this wallet-friendly fact.

2) Help your potential customers to define their energy loads. Be sure that they go back several months spanning multiple seasons to determine their kilowatt usage over an extended period of time before determining the type of energy they need from their new solar energy systems. Also, warn them that solar energy devices do become less efficient each year, so customers need to take this into consideration as well.

3) Advise your customers about the need to acquire insurance for their solar energy systems. Sure, their systems are built to last, but insurance coverage is needed in case unanticipated roof problems or system malfunctions occur. Having your solar panels certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) or the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) will make customers more confident in the products you offer.

4) Tell your potential customers about the benefits of both leasing and owning a solar energy system, and help them to determine what works best for them based on their living and financial situations. Share information about incentives for owning solar panels. Don’t be greedy in your solar business: Really focus on your customers’ needs to avoid getting “sun”burned in the end.

By YaShekia King

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