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Where Are the Solar Ready Vets?

solar ready vets

The US Department of Energy SunShot Initiative has selected The Solar Foundation to lead a nationwide solar energy training program for former military members, called Solar Ready Vets.

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Best States for Solar Jobs

Solar Jobs, Solar Panel

Solar Jobs: Best States for a Job in Solar In 2004, only 500 megawatts (MW) of solar power were installed across the entire country, but 10 years later that number had climbed to 20,000 MW. In 2015 alone, an additional 7,260 MW were installed, drawing enough sustainable energy to power 5.4 million American homes. This incredible growth has been due ...

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Solar a Staple of “Energy Revolution”

As America’s “Energy Revolution" moves forward, more and more jobs continue to emerge in the solar energy sector.

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300,000 Now Working in Solar Jobs

Solar Jobs

Proof the solar energy industry continues to rise is shown with the news that just under 300,000 Americans are now working in the solar energy sector.

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Solar Jobs: Break into the Industry with Solar Sales

Solar sales is a growing area of the solar energy jobs field, which has more than doubled in size in the past five years.

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Solar Jobs: Solar Panel Installer

With more and more construction jobs catering to the burgeoning solar energy industry, it’s a great time to be a solar panel installer.

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Energy Jobs: Solar Jobs Shining Brightest in Modern Economy

Solar energy is the fastest-growing sector of the energy jobs industry in the United States.

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