Solar Jobs: Prisoners Even Have Claimed Green Solar Jobs

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Can’t find a green solar job? Sure, it’s frustrating. Well, this might make your search even more frustrating: Even prisoners in one country are landing green solar jobs – the same type of job you easily would qualify for.

That’s right. Prisoners in Wales are being paid 15 British pounds – or $23.54 per day – to man phones in a solar panel call center. Becoming Green actually hired 23 day-release inmates to work in the Wales call center and sell green solar energy panels to customers.

These prisoners from Prescoed prison are taken by bus to Cardiff – the capital of Wales – where they essentially respond to customer calls. The move to hire these prisoners has resulted in cost savings to Becoming Green, but some – specifically union leaders – argue that it also has eliminated full-time green solar jobs there. Still, prison officials say that the 23 inmates hired for the company’s green solar jobs are not allowed to replace current staff there but only can claim genuinely vacant roles.

The rate of $23.54 can be paid to the inmates for at least 40 working days. Then, these prisoners actually begin to receive minimum wage pay of 6.08 pounds per hour for those 21 and older – or, $9.54 per hour. The prisoners can keep 60 percent of their earnings and must donate the other 40 percent to a victims’ fund.

The decision to use prisoners for these green solar jobs was made in part due to the benefit of giving inmates work skills necessary to increase their chances of not becoming repeat offenders when they leave their cells for good.

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