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With the demand for green jobs skyrocketing, giving yourself a unique edge can be difficult—yet absolutely necessary—in order for you to become a proud worker for Mother Earth. Follow these steps to successfully claim your next environmentally friendly employment opportunity.

Solar Jobs: What to Do — and Not Do — When Pursuing Your Next Green Job

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A light bulb just turned on in your head (a non-incandescent one, that is): You realize that solar jobs really are the way of the future, and you’re starting to actually look for green jobs in this promising environmentally friendly field. From solar panels to solar-powered light bulbs that have the potential to last 10 years – and survive through traditional power outages –many new products in the solar jobs industry are creating employment. Don’t burn your chance of landing a job. Here are four things to do — and not do — when pursuing your future solar job.

1. Don’t indicate that you’re only going to be at the company for a year. If a manager asks you where you see yourself in five years, let the company that you plan to be around in five years and what exactly your goals are at that particular company. Know that in the eyes of your interviewer, your allegiance should be to that company – no matter what other companies or trends crop up in the constantly evolving solar world. Your potential company wants an employee who will be reliable and steadfast in the hot, shifting world of solar jobs.

2. Know exactly what your solar jobs company produces, or the services it provides. If your interviewer asks you what your favorite product, you better have already read the company’s website and learned about all of its offerings. Don’t go into the interview unprepared and end up uttering the name of a product of one of the company’s solar industry competitors. Show your potential employer that you actually are interested in working for that specific company, and why.

3. Be straightforward on your resume about the solar/green energy jobs experience you have. If you haven’t worked in a solar or green energy job before, explain how your last job or volunteer project allowed you to contribute to the green movement. Just don’t exaggerate the truth. Your hiring manager will likely inquire about your involvement in the green field, and they’re experienced enough to know whether what you are speaking is fact or fiction.

4. Make it a point during the interview that you indeed are passionate about the solar jobs field. Explain why you prefer solar over other alternative energy fields (such as wind or geothermal power). Hiring managers in the solar energy realm – particularly owners of start-ups – put time, money and energy into making their dream startups come to life. Show them why you should be part of that solar dream.

By YaShekia King

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