Solar Cells

The 6 Most Common Examples of Solar Power Use Today

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Humans have been using sunlight for a long time. Drying wet things does not even include any technology, does it? Well, today, we are light years ahead of this simple method. Last year, the solar power sector grew by 50% worldwide, and the global photovoltaic capacity now amounts to 305 GW globally. There is a wide array of modern gadgets ...

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Green Invention “Ecupse” Uses the Sun to Keep You Cool


If you are like most people, one of the most unpleasant things you could face during the summer is a hot car cabin. Unfortunately, there aren’t many effective ways to keep your car cool during the summer when it’s sitting in your workplace parking lot or on your home’s driveway. One recent green invention, however, is making it possible to become more comfortable and more environmentally friendly at the same time: It’s called Ecupse—pronounced “eclipse."

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Lockheed Martin to Create Solar Powered Fuel Cells

In the past, the U.S. Army has estimated that about 70% of the material brought to battlefields, considered by weight, is fuel. That could all change now that Lockheed Martin has won a $3 million contract for solar jobs, creating and integrating solar panels to work with fuel cells. In war zones, the primary way of keeping computers, electronics and ...

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Dept. of Defense Drives Clean Energy Market

Quick—who’s the largest consumer of energy in the world? China? Europe? None of the above. It’s the U.S. Department of Defense. Our military’s consumption of energy makes it a prime candidate for going green, saving money, reducing our country’s environmental footprint, and creating more energy jobs. The DOD isn’t blind to this fact. It’s going to accelerate it’s green technology ...

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Could Buildings power themselves in the coming future?

Ubiquitous Energy

“Glass with integrated solar cells which converts IR and some visible light into electricity – this means that the power for an entire building can be supplemented using the roof and façade areas”, in a recent article in the Business Insider – Photovoltaic Transparent Glass was listed as one of the 17 Emerging energy technologies that will change the world. ...

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Plant Technology to Be Used in Computers Someday

When you think of solar collection, plants are some of the most efficient of creations. Naturally photosynthetic, plants maximize the solar energy collected in order to develop and grow. What would happen if humankind was to increase the capabilities of a plant by 30-percent due to nanoparticles? Scientists have already began bridging the gap to creating bionic greenery. The researchers ...

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5 Lesser Known Facts about Green Architectural Designs

As environmental issues from current industrial and technological revolutions still form a bulk of global issues and concerns, a stronger call for certain development to be greener and more sustainable is being made. This phenomenon cannot be observed more than in urban spaces where the presence of any natural form of the environment has taken a step back to provide ...

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