Solar Heating

4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Conventional Heating System For A Solar Unit

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Solar pool heaters offer a more affordable alternative to fossil-fuel-based heaters. According to the findings of EPA, solar-powered units can reduce your heating costs significantly. The initial cost can be anything between $3,000 and $4,000.

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The 6 Most Common Examples of Solar Power Use Today

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Humans have been using sunlight for a long time. Drying wet things does not even include any technology, does it? Well, today, we are light years ahead of this simple method. Last year, the solar power sector grew by 50% worldwide, and the global photovoltaic capacity now amounts to 305 GW globally. There is a wide array of modern gadgets ...

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Eco Real Estate of the Week: Savonnerie Heymans, Belgium

The pronunciation of “Savonnerie” rhymes with “gluten-free.” It’s French for “soap factory.” Savonnerie Heymans in Brussels, Belgium, used to be just that–an old abandoned soap factory–but has since been transformed into eco real estate by the green designers at MDW Architecture. The old structure is now a new housing complex that sparkles with glass and is complemented by green courtyards ...

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Surefire Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home

Are you struggling with high energy bills each month? If so, then there are easy and environmentally friendly ways that can help you bring them down to a reasonable figure. High energy bills are always attributed to posh lifestyles and ignorance, but it doesn’t mean that you have to live an austere life to help you cut down them down. ...

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The Way to be Environmentally Friendly

As you probably know, most requiring and challenging engineering projects nowadays are related to high environmental and health needs. The projects are always meant to produce equipment that eases the performance of tasks, but it is important to address the future in a positive and proactive manner through working to achieve environmental conservation rather than degradation. Hence, each individual around ...

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Contributing to a Greener World

For several years now, global warming and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has made some of us rethink our lifestyles, the things we buy, and how we build our homes and businesses. When this whole global warming thing started, the first ones to blame were corporations; and while they do hold most of the responsibility and have ...

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Reduce Pressure in Order to Go Green

The thought of industrial waste generally conjures up images like those of waste water being pumped from a manufacturing plant. While this is considered industrial waste, a larger waste product of industry can better be measured by the cost of the finished product. A manufacturing plant that is not energy-efficient will have a higher cost per product than a plant ...

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