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SpnKiX Seek to Reboot Roller Skates

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Numerous vendors at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show took the opportunity to showcase green technology that has the potential to green up how we get around. One such product is Acton, Inc.’s spnKiX–motorized roller skates.

SpnKiX green technology is achieved with rechargeable lithium battery packs in their frames, controlled with a wireless wrist remote. They can reach speeds of 10 miles per hour, and can go approximately 2 to 3 miles before needing a recharge. While green, technology like this isn’t any greener than traditional roller blades.

SpnKiX don’t offer the exercise that many people are looking for when they walk, roller blade or bike, but they do have the potential to get workers to their desks without the sweat.

Product demos on Acton’s website show creator Peter Treadway smoothly weaving in and out of walkers on a pedestrian path, with the same mobility as a skateboarder. Instead of propelling himself with his muscles, he kept his feet on the ground and glided. Removable training wheels make spnKiX safer for new users–and they seem essential. One reporter from Australia’s Herald Sun looked as wobbly as a toddler trying them out.

Acton funded its production of spnKiX through Kickstarter, an online site connecting entrepreneurs with regular folk putting forth capital to fund them. Donators on Kickstarter were thrilled with the idea. In less than five days, Acton had raised more money than they needed for the green technology.

Yet not all the buzz about this green technology is good. Some are concerned about the weight limit of 180 lbs, the potential for users to overbalance, and the seeming lack of practical use. Others are comparing spnKiX to the virtually obsolete Segway.

By Leslie Hedrick

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