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Subscription Services

How often have you tried to create a customized feed for news and research? Or found yourself forgoing lunch and possibly after-work drinks simply because you’re struggling to find the right research? Or even simply felt a little lost about how to steer your business in a greener direction?

g-bit and USGT have partnered to bring you access to smarter, business-optimized information about the green industry in a format optimized for our busy readers: concise, relevant, well-written content that’s both engaging and informative.

With the common goal of providing better access to better information, USGT and g-bit are aiming to broaden the exposure of innovative data, research, industry practices, and more while providing our readers and clients with better and more engaging content focused on valuable market and industry resources available to you and your business.

g-bit is a subscription-based research, advisory, and software company built to help you and your business gain access to the data you want and need without having to sift through mountains of unneeded and irrelevant data, no matter what kind of green industry you’re in.

From sustainable business practices to white paper data, g-bit’s priorities rest in providing their clients with information tailored to their needs in a neatly packaged subscription service. Read about market data in action, innovative green practices, and industry-specific news all in one convenient location.

Here are just a few examples of how some of g-bit’s current subscribers utilize their customized research and market data:

  • Write up concise green-focused business plans
  • Implementing smarter and innovative green practices
  • Develop better marketing materials
  • Improve their industry leadership
  • Become more creative with their green efforts and research

The goal is simple: read more, search less using g-bit’s customizable platform, tailored to service your business and employees’ needs right from a single customized portal. Whether you need advice on how to improve green efforts, market data or custom research for that big presentation, or constant and consistent access to relevant green market data and content, the USGT and g-bit content partnership is the eco-friendly market resource software you’re looking for.

g-bit was created by founders for founders, prioritizing quantifiable data over storied speculations. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve for your industry, preparing research, or want a better grasp of market data, g-bit offers subscription-based custom green industry content, tailored to just for your business.

Founded by Dr. Christopher Wedding and Christopher Guidry, g-bit is backed by people who are passionate about green practices and data and making that information accessible to other businesses. Both founders bring a unique perspective to the business, from academic to green business practices to data analytics and usage specific to the green and eco-friendly industry.

By combining our green forces, USGT and g-bit look forward to supplying you with smarter, better, more relevant green industry information while simplifying the search process. Spend less time searching for green practices and data and spend more time on the work that matters most to you and your green business.

Interested in learning more about green industry and market topics relevant to your business? Get in touch with g-bit for more information about their customizable subscription services.