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Energy Jobs: Biomass Jobs to be Saved in Northern California

Local biomass jobs in Northern California might be saved by an amendment to SB859. The bill and the workers affected await the signature of Governor Jerry Brown.

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World Bank Invests In Biomass Power Plants

In the Philippines, three biomass power plants are being built in Negros Occidental from a $161-million investment from IFC, a member of the World Bank Group.

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Biomass Energy = Solar or Wind Energy?

Biomass Energy

Congress has passed two amendments to bipartisan energy bill, the "Energy Policy Modernization Act," ruling that biomass is a renewable energy source on par with wind and solar according to federal law.

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Berkeley Startup Works to Make Biomass Carbon-Negative and Affordable

Berkeley startup uses process of converting organic matter into energy to make biomass carbon-negative and affordable.

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Energy Jobs: Green Energy Resources Not in the Spotlight

Renewable Energy, clean technology

Clean energy jobs in wind and solar technology get a lot of attention, but there are other green technologies that aren’t often talked about, for one reason or another. For instance, in 2010, hydroelectric power provided about six percent of the United States’ energy supply. It made up 60 percent of the total green energy supply. There are currently about ...

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Green Jobs: Hawaii Relies More on Biomass than Solar

For assistance with your green jobs search, check out the CareerBuilder Resource Center at U.S. Green Technology. There you can get help crafting your resume, tailoring your job hunt, and connecting with employers who will share your values and appreciate your skills. Looking for green jobs in Hawaii? Don’t look to the sun! Solar power doesn’t even rank in the ...

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