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5 Reasons to Switch to ENERGY STAR Doors and Windows

Energy Star-Saving Home Improvements

Good quality doors and windows can increase your ROI by up to 80 percent! If you are looking to sell your house in the near future, be sure to seriously consider replacing your doors and windows with ENERGY STAR products, as it can be a job which new home-owners might not wish to tackle after purchase.

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5 Reasons Insulation is Important for an Energy Efficient Home

energy efficient home, Bathroom Renovations, Retail Jobs, HomeDepot

Whether you’re renovating a pre-existing home or building from scratch, insulation efficiency wields considerable impact on the overall integrity of a structure and helps create an energy efficient home.

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6 Eco-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

eco friendly landscaping ideas

Eco-friendly landscaping has gained popularity in the past few years for obvious good reasons. Among the good reasons is that it significantly reduces maintenance costs, limit your exposure to harmful toxins from pesticides and fertilizers and also conserve excellent resources. Eco-friendly landscaping is one way to start saving the environment right from your small backyard. Eco-friendly landscaping can take you ...

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Green Jobs Pay More Than $100,000 Per Year

Green Jobs

Some of the highest-paying green jobs in the green technology industry pay more than $100,000 a year, according to Forbes.

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Is Sky the Limit for Green Aviation?

Going Green, Green Aviation

Green technology takes on many forms as people work together to improve the environment. A big part of that process happens in green aviation technology.

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CA’s Alameda County Enacts Fee to Expand Hazardous Waste Disposal

worker unloads a residents hasardous waste at Alameda County's disposial center

California’s Alameda County has voted to impose a $9.55 per house fee for hazardous waste disposal. The fee is not optional and the funds will go to keep the counties hazardous waste disposal drop-off facilities open and will even allow for an expansion in hours. Officials as well as residents have been debating this fee, which only narrowly passed. Supporters ...

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Do You Know What The Hottest Top 10 Green Jobs Are?

Green Technology, Jobs

Green Technology is hot and so are green jobs according to occupational expert Laurence Shatkin’s book “200 Best Jobs for Renewing America.”  In the book, Mr. Shatkin weighs in on the top green jobs in the United States while comparing three factors: income, job growth, and job openings. “I looked at green jobs that had to do with energy efficiency, with ...

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