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Driving on a Green Path: 7 Tips to Make You an Efficient Motorist

It seems like everyone is looking to squeeze more money out of their monthly budget. Some expenses, such as gas for your car, are unavoidable, but what if you could save money there? A few small changes to your driving habits can improve your efficiency to save money and the environment. Check out these seven ways to improve your car’s ...

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Four Things Green Hiring Managers Are Looking for in You

For many, the job interview is one of the most stressful parts of the job search, and when you are specifically targeting a promising green job, even more pressure exists to not screw up the interview. Getting into the minds of green job hiring managers is a sure-fire way to master the art of speaking their green language and finally ...

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Ecotourism Spotlight This Week: Dubai

It’s not too late to start planning your summer vacation, but why not plan one that is totally different from the norm? If going skiing in a desert oasis and walking on streets of gold sounds appealing to you, then Eco-Dubai should be next on your list. This Middle Eastern spot is perfect for ecotourism, allowing you to embrace and ...

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Siemens Careers Third-Best Green Brand

Siemens Careers

Siemens Careers Make Company Third-Best Green Brand At Siemens, the focus is on protecting the environment, which recently has earned Siemens the recognition of being the world’s third-best green brand just behind 3M in second place and Toyota in first place. The study that led to this recognition for Siemens careers, which is called “Best Global Green Brands” and was produced ...

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Recycled Cities can be the New Green Building Alternative

The threat of global warming is very real, and scientists are providing the world with fresh information every other day to reiterate this fact. Eminent personalities like Al Gore had help propel the need for sustainable living to the forefront, garnering interest for the subject from all quarters. Substantial study on green house gas emissions and their harmful interaction with ...

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Which Green Jobs Fit Your Personality?

Green Jobs

For assistance with your green jobs search, check out the CareerBuilder Resource Center at U.S. Green Technology. There you can get help crafting your resume, tailoring your job hunt, and connecting with employers who will share your values and appreciate your skills. We all talk about wanting to have our dream job – and a green job, for many, would ...

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Ecotourism: Green Technology Spotlight This Week – Norway

Tips on Preparing for Travel, Ecotourism

The land of Norway is just the place you need to finally take a “chill pill" while also soaking in Mr. Sun’s and Mother Nature’s goodness on an ecotourism trip.

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