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5 Easy Green Technologies to Implement in Your Eco-friendly Business

Environmental Solutions, Going Green, Green Technologies

There are a variety of green technologies that are actually quite easy to implement in your business. Even though it sounds [read more]

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Top 10 Profitable Green Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2016

Green Business, Green Technology

By starting a green business, you will have advantages of targeting a growing market and you will be satisfied and proud because of your own contribution to making the world a healthier place. Here are some of the hottest ideas for starting a green business. Bicycle Sales and Repair Since bicycles do not emit any hazardous gasses and are better ...

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Green Technology to Make Energy Work

Green Technology

Making the world greener is not a solo act—it requires a collaborative effort, one that will set the stage for Mother Earth to remain vibrant for years and decades to come. That’s why 500 people representing three countries and 20 different states recently gathered in North Carolina to discuss sustainable energy—including U.S. Green Technology’s very own president, John Courtney.

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Lockheed Martin to Create Solar Powered Fuel Cells

In the past, the U.S. Army has estimated that about 70% of the material brought to battlefields, considered by weight, is fuel. That could all change now that Lockheed Martin has won a $3 million contract for solar jobs, creating and integrating solar panels to work with fuel cells. In war zones, the primary way of keeping computers, electronics and ...

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Bring Your Own Carbon Footprint: Eco-Friendly Business Solutions

It may not be as popular as BYOB, but businesses should sit up and take note of the bring-your-own-device craze. Bring your own device, or BYOD, lets employees utilize personal smart phones, tablets and laptops in a work environment instead of relying on company-provided mobiles. There’s ample reason for a company to take advantage of an employee-empowerment mobile plan, including ...

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Advantages in the Public Cloud for Businesses

It’s undeniable that cloud computing is becoming the IT way of the future for various industries. The easy accessibility of data makes a cloud strategy advantageous to many companies, and since cloud services are kept up-to-date by the provider, switching from location-based operations to cloud-based applications gives businesses the benefit of always working from the newest software. Cloud technology has ...

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“O,” No! Stop Outsourcing and Start “Cloud Staffing” for Your Next Business Project

Who needs to outsource when you can live on a “cloud” instead? In today’s business world, outsourcing has gained a negative reputation: Not only is the labor associated with it often viewed as “cheap” and “low-quality” but also it has been blamed for the loss of many American jobs. Why not get from underneath the cloud of this old business ...

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