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Geology Jobs on the Rise in Texas

The highest single area for employment opportunities in Texas is in geology, which is expected to see a 26 percent growth in employment over the next five years.

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Geology: An Important Job That Pays

You may not have even considered Geology as a potential career when you were in college, but it turns out, it could pay huge dividends, both for the environment and your bank account.

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Geology Jobs: Want to Help Shape/Save the Future? Study Geology

Geology might not be the sexiest major to consider when entering college, but there are few fields that can compare to Geology when it comes to playing a role in protecting our future.

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Geology Jobs: More Jobs Opening up across the US

Geology Jobs

Whether you’re fresh out of school or considering going back for a fresh start, a great place to look is in the field of geology jobs.

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Geophysicist: 11 Careers That Pay $100,000 or More


In-demand geology jobs include a geophysicist job, which would allow you to study the earth and take home six figures according to the jobs site Glassdoor.

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Geology Jobs: Goldmine for Today’s Worker

The geology jobs field is a goldmine thanks to a wide range of job opportunities and great salary potential.

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A Hidden Lucrative Career in Plain Sight


A career in geology offers a great average base salary and allows you to make a real difference in the world.

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