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Ecotourism Spotlight This Week: Dubai

It’s not too late to start planning your summer vacation, but why not plan one that is totally different from the norm? If going skiing in a desert oasis and walking on streets of gold sounds appealing to you, then Eco-Dubai should be next on your list. This Middle Eastern spot is perfect for ecotourism, allowing you to embrace and ...

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Green Jobs: Top 5 Green Hotels

It’s not easy to create green hotels. Most existing chains agree that retrofitting the HVAC system in every franchise, renovating interiors in favor of green materials, and making other major overhauls would be great. But most also agree it’s just not feasible, especially during this economy. That said, there are plenty of smaller ways hotel chains can be green. For ...

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Green Jobs: Five Trends in Green Advertising

Green Marketing, Green Technology

Advertising has come a long way from the introduction of the radio in the 1920s to now the introduction of smartphone apps. In the business world, the idea of becoming more environmentally sustainable is gaining popularity, and companies in the advertising sector are taking note. Five trends in the green advertising industry are expected to rock the business arena this ...

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Solar Jobs: Solar Panels Keep More Teachers Employed

clean energy

It’s no secret that many teachers’ jobs remain at stake every year throughout the United States as school districts struggle to save on operating costs. In many districts, however, solar panels are lighting the way to keeping more teachers working, which means more green technicians are working, too – all by saving just a couple of measly cents per kilowatt-hour. ...

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Environmental Jobs: Top Mistakes When Searching for a Green Job

Job searching is one of the most laborious tasks we ever could endure, and in our still-struggling economy, the process hasn’t become any less tough or competitive. If you truly are vying for an environmental job in today’s economy, you have two challenges to face: (1) Many people just like you are desperate for a job, so hiring managers have ...

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Green Jobs: What is Your “Plan B?” Follow Your Green Dream

Maybe you’re experiencing your own mid-life crisis of sorts. Even if you’ve not yet reached “mid-life,” you might feel as if you’ve already reached that point in your current job. It’s time for a change, and going green is one of the most creative ways to add a little life to your “mid-life”—and a little life to the environment, too. ...

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Top Green Jobs for Master’s Degree-Holders

Are you one of the few individuals who are a bit disillusioned because you have a graduate degree and still can’t find work? Maybe you know someone who wants to obtain his or her master’s degree but doesn’t want to end up with $30,000-plus in debt – and no job to show for it. Here are five in-demand career fields ...

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