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Green Jobs: Top Green Jobs for Master’s Degree-Holders

Are you one of the few individuals who are a bit disillusioned because you have a graduate degree and still can’t find work? Maybe you know someone who wants to obtain his or her master’s degree but doesn’t want to end up with $30,000-plus in debt – and no job to show for it. Here are five in-demand career fields ...

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Environmental Jobs: What Job Can You Get with Your Personal Skill Set?

Environmental jobs are pretty easy to come by, when you think about it: We literally are surrounded by the environment, and people are needed in many parts of the United States and across the globe to provide a wealth of services in an effort to preserve the environment for coming generations. Take a look at some of today’s most popular ...

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Wind Jobs: Wind Slows down While Solar Heats up

Even within the great green war against climate change, a small battle is taking place between wind energy and solar power. When you pit wind energy against solar energy, solar power this year has come out on top—outshining the competition. Experts say that if you are in the wind industry or are thinking about entering the wind industry, a few ...

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CareerBuilder – The Top 5 Green Jobs that Give Back

Green Jobs

What better way to give back than by helping others find the right green jobs for them? You’ll be working closely with people to learn their [read more]

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Energy Jobs: Green Energy Resources Not in the Spotlight

Renewable Energy, clean technology

Clean energy jobs in wind and solar technology get a lot of attention, but there are other green technologies that aren’t often talked about, for one reason or another. For instance, in 2010, hydroelectric power provided about six percent of the United States’ energy supply. It made up 60 percent of the total green energy supply. There are currently about ...

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Green Jobs: Hawaii Relies More on Biomass than Solar

For assistance with your green jobs search, check out the CareerBuilder Resource Center at U.S. Green Technology. There you can get help crafting your resume, tailoring your job hunt, and connecting with employers who will share your values and appreciate your skills. Looking for green jobs in Hawaii? Don’t look to the sun! Solar power doesn’t even rank in the ...

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Wind Jobs: We Are the Wind beneath Your Wings

For help with writing your resume, networking with employers, and finding your perfect green job, visit the CareerBuilder Resource Center at U.S. Green Technology right away! Wind power has been touted as being the panacea for pressing environmental problems. With global warming beginning to have a visible impact on our planet’s weather, a climate of stridency has been created in ...

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