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‘Going green’ is a phrase almost everyone is familiar with. However, many people with tight schedule feel it is time-consuming and stressful to keep up with. Notwithstanding, there are little changes you can actualize into your day by day life that take practically zero time or stress and can really spare you a considerable measure of cash in the long ...

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Sustainable Farming Practices to Watch for in 2018

sustainable farming practices

How Innovation and Technology are Improving Sustainable Farming Practices It’s a new year, and the world continues marching forward. Global warming continues to announce its arrival, despite the detractors and deniers. Our population continues to grow and live longer, and citizens continue to innovate and implement healthier and environmentally positive techniques into their everyday lives and industries. Agriculture and sustainable ...

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5 Reasons to Switch to ENERGY STAR Doors and Windows

Energy Star-Saving Home Improvements

Good quality doors and windows can increase your ROI by up to 80 percent! If you are looking to sell your house in the near future, be sure to seriously consider replacing your doors and windows with ENERGY STAR products, as it can be a job which new home-owners might not wish to tackle after purchase.

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Green-Living: 5 Terrible Misconceptions People Believe

Eco-Friendly, Green-Living

as more research is done, science has proven that many of the green-living rules we’ve learned might be wrong...[read more]

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Home Decor 2017 – Green Products In The Forefront

Green Products, U.S. Green Technology

Sustainable home design is not just an expensive trend that only the wealthiest can afford. Contrary to popular belief, there are green products [...]

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How to Be More Eco-Friendly When Buying a Mattress

Eco-Friendly Mattress

There might not be a clear dictionary definition for eco-friendly mattresses but we can easily mention the main principles that make a [read more]

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Eco-friendly and frugal ways to design your backyard

Eco-friendly backyard

There are things you can do to redesign your back yard without spending a fortune. You can even incorporate some eco-friendly features at the same time.

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