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Green Technology – Sustainable Construction to Save the Earth

Eco Real Estate, Sustainable Construction

Eco-friendly, sustainable construction has been developed because of the knowledge that buildings often negatively affect the environment [read more]......

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Green Building Materials

Green Technology, Carbon Footprint

Although the concept of going green is a relatively new one, this environmentally-friendly vision of the world has quickly gained huge popularity. But when it comes to sustainable living, is going green more than just a current fad? Are sustainable architecture solutions really able to make our future look a tad greener? The ideal green building project makes use of ...

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A Misleading Tale About Green Sustainability

Green Sustainability

Beware of the information you receive; you might have just been fed with the wrong one. For years, America has embraced and adopted pro-environment practices in almost every aspect. Just recently, one of Hollywood’s most prestigious events, the Oscar’s has given seven consecutive years towards a green sustainability theme through energy efficient designs. Indeed, green sustainability has come a long ...

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