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4 Ways to Make an Impact & Green The Car You Have

As hybrid and electric vehicles grow in popularity, you may feel the urge to buy one and go green. Driving a lower emissions vehicle can be eco-friendly, but the actual impact of your decision may not be as clear-cut as you think. According to The Guardian, the carbon footprint of manufacturing a car – even a green one – is ...

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Sears Goes Green in 122 Buildings — for Fun

Energy Star

One of the greenest companies in America is adding another jewel to its “green” belt: Sears Holdings Corp. has been chosen to take part in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR National Building Competition called Battle of the Buildings. The goal of this popular nationwide competition is to make commercial buildings more energy-efficient and thus make Mother Earth smile ...

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Four Things Green Hiring Managers Are Looking for in You

For many, the job interview is one of the most stressful parts of the job search, and when you are specifically targeting a promising green job, even more pressure exists to not screw up the interview. Getting into the minds of green job hiring managers is a sure-fire way to master the art of speaking their green language and finally ...

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Green Jobs Needed to Slow Global Warming ASAP

Environmental Jobs Help to Battle Global Warming By 2020 - Image from The Orange County Register

Limiting global warming is not only a “nice” idea that would be good to consider in order to help the earth: It is an imperative idea that needs to be taken seriously in order to help to save the economy and the earth. Believe it or not, despite worldwide efforts to place Mother Earth back on the pedestal in our ...

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Ecotourism: Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, World’s Largest Rotating Tramcar

We all want to go a little higher—in our jobs, in our net worth and in the value we add to the world around us. But just as becoming more environmentally friendly can be rewarding to Mother Earth, going green on your next vacation can also be rewarding back to you: Mother Earth will gift you with herself when you ...

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New Ways to Conserve Energy and Water Use

Learning how to effectively save energy is an ongoing process, one that you will probably need to consider throughout your lifetime. Technology continues to change, giving you more tools to work with in your energy reduction efforts. Regularly analyze what you can do to reduce your home energy usage. Even as energy awareness grows, the outlook for energy usage is still fairly ...

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Both Oil and Green Energy Can Shake Hands for the Sake of the Economy

Oil has always been pitted against green energy in a battle between black gold and “green” gold. Still, experts say that in light of the recent U.S. presidential election, maybe it is time for both green energy and black energy to unite under the new president so that the benefits of both can finally shine through—both on the save-Mother-Earth front ...

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