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Sustainability Business Plan: How to Create One

With the business buzz today being all about sustainability, a few steps can help businesses to create an effective sustainability business plan.

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Preparing for Obama’s Environmental Protection Expansion

President Barak Obama is about to announce the final legacy program to define his administration with an ambitious expansion of environmental protection laws and regulations with details to be revealed in the closing months of his presidency. Momentum for change is on his side because of the streaming reports on the deleterious effects of pollution and non-sustainability to healthcare, water resources, crop ...

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The Green Revolution of the Library


In a recent article I wrote for USGT, I examined the ecological impact on the publishing industry in the age of digitization and mobile devices. Digitization of journals, books, magazines, and other printed materials is impacting libraries. They are becoming greener having to house fewer printed materials, reduce storage space, and the footprint of their physical plants. Libraries have been offering ...

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