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A Thousand Siemens Careers Available in Green Jobs Industry

Siemens today announced that it is trying to fill about 1,000 open green jobs, but challenges arise in finding the right candidates for these Siemens careers, officials said. Siemens careers are available in the energy, industry and healthcare sectors. The Siemens careers available as of today include those for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programmers, project managers, mechanical engineers and electrical ...

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Green IT to double in India in Next Three Years

According to a report released recently by research firm Gartner, the amount of money India plans to spend on green IT will increase from $35 billion to $70 billion by 2015 – actually doubling as companies in India aim to use computers and servers while not increasing their ecological footprint. In this report – called the Hype Cycle for Green ...

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Electric Bikes Picking Up Speed in the US

Electric bicycles are popular in Europe and Asia, and are only now gaining popularity in the United States. As gas prices continue to increase, and with more people tightening their belts, folks are looking for cheaper and greener modes of transportation. Especially in bike-friendly cities like Portland, Ore. and New York City, e-bikes are becoming that transportation of choice. An ...

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From Actor to Activist: Ed Begley, Jr. provides “Enlightened Entertainment” as a platform for Environmental Education

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street

US Actor Ed Begley, Jr. has found unique success combining his love of acting with his passion for activism by entertaining audiences and teaching us about green technology. A job you say? Far more than that, Ed is a loyal and wise eco-soldier; spreading the word is a personal, rewarding mission for this award-winning environmentalist. In a world of hyped ...

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Green production technology at the VW Chattanooga plant

Green Technology, Green Technology Jobs, VW Chattanooga plant

We hope you’re ready for your close-up, Chattanooga. In a recent episode of the Science Channel’s How Do They Do It?, the show took a look at VW’s new manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee and at the systems and process that go into building a 2012 Passat. About U.S. Green Technology U.S. Green Technology was established in January of 2009. ...

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