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Geology Jobs on the Rise as Oil Demand Rises?

After years of struggle, U.S. oil companies appear to be making a comeback from a long period of job cuts and bankruptcies. The industry may be ready to thrive once again, and soon, which is good news for the geology field.

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Oil and gas producers face a common challenge related to oil production: formerly productive wells begin to become less productive over time, yet plenty of oil and gas remain within the well’s reach. This is typically related to some sort of fouling. For example, paraffin crystallization and asphaltenes fouling are both common. Maintaining these wells requires periodically unclogging fouled wells. ...

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Both Oil and Green Energy Can Shake Hands for the Sake of the Economy

Oil has always been pitted against green energy in a battle between black gold and “green” gold. Still, experts say that in light of the recent U.S. presidential election, maybe it is time for both green energy and black energy to unite under the new president so that the benefits of both can finally shine through—both on the save-Mother-Earth front ...

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