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Energy Jobs: Solar Jobs Shining Brightest in Modern Economy

Solar energy is the fastest-growing sector of the energy jobs industry in the United States.

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North Carolina: Solar Energy Powerhouse in 2016

North Carolina currently ranks fourth throughout the United States in installed solar energy (behind California, Arizona, and New Jersey) and recently celebrated a huge milestone of 1 gigawatt of installed solar energy capacity.

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Is Solar Power An Affordable Energy Option In 2016?

Solar Power, Electric Company, Clean Energy Savings, Solar Power

Potential users of solar power are still wary by and large, as the meme that solar panels make for a costly installation is still a very prevalent one.

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Solar Power Heats Up in Northern Ireland

Solar Power Heats Up in Northern Ireland; in fact, the nation's solar energy market appears to be taking off rapidly.

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Solartab: Charge Your Cell Phone with Solar Energy

With Solartab chargers, mobile device users can conveniently charge their tablets or cell phones with energy from the sun.

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Creating Affordable Green Energy through Collaborative Purchasing

Green Energy

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of solar energy? Space stations? Tiny homes? Huge urban buildings? For Dr. Christopher Wedding it’s about affordability. In a recent article published on the g-bit blog, Dr. Wedding, co-founder and CEO of g-bit, writes about how the cost of solar power can be reduced by using group purchasing ...

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How the Market for Solar Energy Has Increased

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It’s a perfect storm for solar right now, but in a very good way. Several economic, cultural and environmental factors are coming together to create not just a growing interest but a downright demand for solar products and technologies for businesses and individuals. Solar Cell Central shows that the number of PV installations worldwide continues to accelerate. It also says ...

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