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Preparing for Obama’s Environmental Protection Expansion

President Barak Obama is about to announce the final legacy program to define his administration with an ambitious expansion of environmental protection laws and regulations with details to be revealed in the closing months of his presidency. Momentum for change is on his side because of the streaming reports on the deleterious effects of pollution and non-sustainability to healthcare, water resources, crop ...

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Do You Know What the Hottest Top 10 Green Jobs are for 2013?

Electric Vehicle, greenest cars

How is your “13″ looking? According to discerning souls, this number can either mean bad luck—if you’re the superstitious type—or it can mean great promise. You can take your pick regarding how you want your 2013 to be economically. But if you’re like most people the latter is obviously the better choice: The trick is finding which avenue will get ...

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Top 10 Green Jobs Predictions for 2013

CareerBuilder Jobs

President Obama announced the Community College to Career Fund, an $8 billion investment, in his Fiscal Year 2013 Budget that would train two million workers with skills that lead directly to good jobs in industries that need workers, including advanced manufacturing, clean energy, and information technology. The green jobs road is looking pretty saturated for 2013 for a variety of ...

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