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Top Five Wind Energy Companies to Work for

If you’re tired of watching your boss blow hot air and finally want to get into a career that will add some more wind to your sails, then wind jobs are an obvious choice at this point in your career. Even before you jump on the bandwagon of wind job seekers who are pursuing education, try contacting companies to find ...

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Green Jobs Needed to Slow Global Warming ASAP

Environmental Jobs Help to Battle Global Warming By 2020 - Image from The Orange County Register

Limiting global warming is not only a “nice” idea that would be good to consider in order to help the earth: It is an imperative idea that needs to be taken seriously in order to help to save the economy and the earth. Believe it or not, despite worldwide efforts to place Mother Earth back on the pedestal in our ...

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Top Markets to Find Green Jobs

You’re part of the 70 percent of Americans who downright hate their jobs. Maybe you’re at the point where you are ready for change: You are willing to go anywhere to find a new job and give yourself a new lease on life, and landing a green job seems to be more promising than remaining stuck in your dead-end career ...

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7 Common Indoor Air Pollutants

Indoor Air Pollutants

7 Common Indoor Air Pollutants When we think of polluted air, the first images that come to our minds are often big factories pumping out smelly clouds or old cars puffing out grey exhaust.  However, indoor air pollutants can be even more dangerous than outdoor air pollution! The first step to keeping your home and family safe is learning more ...

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Both Oil and Green Energy Can Shake Hands for the Sake of the Economy

Oil has always been pitted against green energy in a battle between black gold and “green” gold. Still, experts say that in light of the recent U.S. presidential election, maybe it is time for both green energy and black energy to unite under the new president so that the benefits of both can finally shine through—both on the save-Mother-Earth front ...

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Do You Know What Will be a Wellspring of Opportunities for Vets and Civilians Alike

Whether you are leaving the overseas battlefield to enter the battleground of the modern American job search market, or you’ve never donned a military uniform but are preparing for one of the biggest fights of your life—the job search—2013 is predicted to be the year of the Energy Job. The employment outlook in 2013 looks positive for both veterans and ...

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Solar Jobs: Solar to Attract $20 Billion in Investments by 2016

Solar power’s beginning to pull ahead in the race among energy sources in the U.S. A recent Frost & Sullivan report found that by 2016, utility-scale solar’s going to attract more than $20 billion in investments. That’s great news for green energy and solar jobs across the country. There may still be some uncertainty about the future of solar jobs, ...

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