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Green Jobs: Five Trends in Green Advertising

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Advertising has come a long way from the introduction of the radio in the 1920s to now the introduction of smartphone apps. In the business world, the idea of becoming more environmentally sustainable is gaining popularity, and companies in the advertising sector are taking note. Five trends in the green advertising industry are expected to rock the business arena this ...

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Top Seven Green Car Cities of US

The cities have become so crowded that it is very expensive to live. However, another important problem that is arising is pollution. During the last century, the technology has evolved so quickly that it has caused many environmental challenges. Many experts have identified that these problems are caused due to emission of harmful gases by industries and automobiles. Keeping in ...

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Green Jobs: Plastics Companies Look To Biopolymers In Green Manufacturing

The movement for green manufacturing in the United States has shone a spotlight on the plastics industry and for good reason. The products produced by these companies are expected to last beyond the existence of human life itself. However, that is not the kind of sustainability that the green manufacturing movement is looking for from the plastics industry. Instead, the ...

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Venture Capital Investments in Clean Tech Ramps Up

greenest cars

As venture capital investment in clean-tech surpasses the US$1 billion mark this year a surge in green jobs for the U.S. economy is also expected. According to a quarterly PwC/NVCA MoneyTree™ Report supported by data from Thomson Reuters, investments in clean-tech deals were up 26 percent over the fourth quarter of 2010.  The amount of deals completed increased by 11 percent a ...

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Energy Jobs: Tax Credits for Green Energy Extended Through 2013

In the frantic rush to avoid toppling over the fiscal cliff, President Obama and Congressional Republicans scrambled to shake hands and extended tax credits for alternative energy sources, and for green energy jobs. Wind energy wasn’t the only winner, as the production tax credit was extended for one year. Geothermal, hydropower and biomass also benefit. Green energy industries other than ...

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Solar Jobs: Solar Panels Keep More Teachers Employed

clean energy

It’s no secret that many teachers’ jobs remain at stake every year throughout the United States as school districts struggle to save on operating costs. In many districts, however, solar panels are lighting the way to keeping more teachers working, which means more green technicians are working, too – all by saving just a couple of measly cents per kilowatt-hour. ...

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5 Green Jobs Poised for Substantial Growth in the Next 5 Years

Today more than ever the push for growth in the green sector is actually gaining traction. This growth is taking the form of jobs being created in the areas you would expect – renewable energy technology development and manufacturing – and in industries across the board. Based on data gathered by the Economic Policy Institute, there were roughly 3.1 million ...

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