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Vermont Furniture Industry Creates Thousands of Green Jobs

Vermont has a reputation for being one of the greenest states in the Union–and not just because it’s 80 percent covered by forests. Vermonters are big on green technology, green transportation and green living. It should come as no surprise that they’re making a name for themselves in the green furniture industry. According to the Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association, the ...

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Ecotourism Spotlight This Week: Dubai

It’s not too late to start planning your summer vacation, but why not plan one that is totally different from the norm? If going skiing in a desert oasis and walking on streets of gold sounds appealing to you, then Eco-Dubai should be next on your list. This Middle Eastern spot is perfect for ecotourism, allowing you to embrace and ...

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Both Oil and Green Energy Can Shake Hands for the Sake of the Economy

Oil has always been pitted against green energy in a battle between black gold and “green” gold. Still, experts say that in light of the recent U.S. presidential election, maybe it is time for both green energy and black energy to unite under the new president so that the benefits of both can finally shine through—both on the save-Mother-Earth front ...

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Do You Know What Will be a Wellspring of Opportunities for Vets and Civilians Alike

Whether you are leaving the overseas battlefield to enter the battleground of the modern American job search market, or you’ve never donned a military uniform but are preparing for one of the biggest fights of your life—the job search—2013 is predicted to be the year of the Energy Job. The employment outlook in 2013 looks positive for both veterans and ...

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Siemens Careers Third-Best Green Brand

Siemens Careers

Siemens Careers Make Company Third-Best Green Brand At Siemens, the focus is on protecting the environment, which recently has earned Siemens the recognition of being the world’s third-best green brand just behind 3M in second place and Toyota in first place. The study that led to this recognition for Siemens careers, which is called “Best Global Green Brands” and was produced ...

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Top 10 Green Tech Blogs for 2013

green tech blogs

Here are the 10 top-ranked green tech blogs for 2013—highly trafficked must-reads if you don’t want to be left behind in one of the most accelerating job sectors today.

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Address Validation Software Is Good for the Environment

Address validation software may seem like a simple technology tool, but it provides a myriad of environmental benefits. Even if you’re not concerned about your data quality, using services such as QAS address software and other solutions decreases your environmental footprint and allows you to advance your green business initiatives. Here are a few ways address verification software is good for the ...

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