Take a Chance Today: Overcome Your Top 10 Fears by Going Green

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Take Several Chances Today by Going Green - Image from smartactors.com

Don’t let today be like every other: Life is too short to be so boring. Instead, why not celebrate today by taking a new risk and trying something new. After all, today (March 23) is “Take a Chance Day.” Try some new “green” things in observance of this quirky holiday: If you don’t try them today, then you’ll probably never try them—and it’ll be a lost for you and for Mother Earth.

First, make a list of 10 things you would like to do but have been too afraid to do. They could include proposing a new idea on the job, starting your own business, or even finally asking someone out on a date.

Next, set a date that you plan to do each of these tasks, and share your list with a close friend who will keep you accountable so that you reach these goals. In addition, write down how you can make each of these tasks “green,” which will make it more of a fun challenge that will distract you from the fear of actually doing them.

For instance, on your job, come up with a new project idea that will help the company to make its processes greener. That might include converting to an electronic data management system or simply starting a recycling program. If the company rejects the idea, so what? If it’s a green idea, it’s a good one, and when you interview for other jobs, that same idea that just might score you the perfect job.

Also, think about a green business that you can effectively start, such as selling green products. Or plan to take your new date to a restaurant that features locally grown food once you finally work up the nerve to ask her out: She’ll immediately be attracted to the idea that you care about the earth and other people—not just about yourself. And if she doesn’t want to go out with you, then another green-loving lady will.

Take a chance today, and positively impact your own life, Mother Earth, and the lives of future generations tomorrow.

By YaShekia King

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