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Top 10 Celebrities Promoting Green Tech

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street
Leonardo DiCaprio Created His Own Foundation to Promote the Environment - Image from Google

Many celebrities have their own social causes: Think Christina Aguilera and how she was the global spokesperson for 2011 World Hunger Relief, or think Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie, who highlights global issues such as hygiene, sanitation and water. But what about the ones who are zeroing in on the ozone layer, focusing on real green technology issues that also affect the world?

Here are the top 10 celebrities who are promoting green technology:

1.    Robert Redford: This actor in 2007 launched a weekly show called “The Green,” which was totally committed to environmental issues. Each show lasted three hours and aired on his Sundance TV channel. In addition, this green technology celebrity advocate received the 1987 United Nations Global 500 Award along with the 1993 Earth Day Award and has been on the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council for at least three decades.

2.    Daryl Hannah: This celebrity in June 2006 staged a 23-day tree sit-in as part of an effort to protect a Los Angeles urban community garden. The event actually led to this celebrity’s arrest. In addition, his celebrity house is completely off grid, requiring no electricity meters or power lines, and he used a biofuel vehicle in 2005 to travel cross country.

3.    Harrison Ford: This well-known celebrity actor actually has a Central American ant that is named after him – a not-so-well-known fact about him. On top of that, the celebrity received the Global Environmental Citizen Award in 2002 and serves as the vice chairman of Conservation International, which provides money for scientists in at least 30 nations to pinpoint and gain victory over biodiversity threats.

4.    Leonardo DiCaprio: This celebrity developed a 2007 documentary film called “The 11th Hour,” which was about the grave state of the natural environment and highlighted problems such as the extinction of species, deforestation and global warming. The celebrity further drives a hybrid vehicle and continues to advocate for the environment via his own foundation, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which he founded in 1998.

5.    Richard Branson: This celebrity in 2006 promised to contribute all the profits he raked in from his rail and airline businesses toward greenhouse emissions projects and research on biofuels. The amount totaled about $3 billion over a decade’s time. The surprising thing is that this celebrity actor used to be a cynic regarding global warming.

6.    Cate Blanchett: This lady’s own home runs totally on solar energy. She gives money to Forest Guardians, which aims to restore and protect wildlife and land in the southwestern part of the United States. In addition, this celebrity helped to make the Sydney Theatre Co.’s home – The Wharf at Pier 4/5 – greener by using solar energy and rainwater harvesting.

7.    Alanis Morissette: This celebrity fights against oil drilling in Alaska and received the 2003 Environmental Media Association Missions in Music Award. She also makes sure that her home relies on solar power technology.

8.    “KT” Tunstall: This guitarist and singer-songwriter performed at the “Golden Green” at the 2007 Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. The celebrity further uses only biodiesel fuel – a clean-burning fuel that is developed from renewable resources – for her tour bus in the United States.

9.    Willie Nelson: This famous  singer actually also is a co-partner in the Willie Nelson Biodiesel Co. The aim of this green technology company has been to generate a biodiesel fuel called BioWillie, which contains vegetable oil such as that of soybean and can be utilized in today’s diesel engines, thus decreasing America’s reliance on foreign oil.

10.    Brad Pitt: This actor helped to create a design competition to erect a plethora of green houses in New Orleans. It’s called the Sustainable Design Competition for New Orleans, which combined Global Green USA’s dedication to affordable, environmentally friendly houses with Pitt’s interest in innovative architecture.

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