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Top 10 Profitable Green Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2016

By starting a green business, you will have advantages of targeting a growing market and you will be satisfied and proud because of your own contribution to making the world a healthier place. Here are some of the hottest ideas for starting a green business.

Bicycle Sales and Repair

Since bicycles do not emit any hazardous gasses and are better means of transportation, starting a business of bicycle sales can be profitable. Also, you can provide the services of repairing and cleaning and encourage more people in your community to ride them more often. And if you have some extra space in your garage, you could buy old bicycles, fix them up, and make some money.

Green Construction

This type of construction simply means using eco-friendly products to build houses. Some of the trends that are most popular are solar water heating methods and solar power generators which are preferred over the conventional ones and can save you some energy and money.

Organic Produce Vendor

Since more and more people tend to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables and are advised to avoid processed food, the best green business idea is becoming an organic produce vendor. This means establishing a public or home-based green business and providing natural and fresh food, fruits, and vegetables for your community.

Organic fashion

Organic fashion can be made by using recycled materials, like organic cotton, reused fabrics and even plastic bottles, and other natural materials containing no chemicals. Recycled and organic T-shirts, stylish handbags and many other accessories are always wanted and they are profitable and useful especially when eco-friendly.

Air duct cleaning

Help homeowners to reduce their bills by cleaning their air ducts. Dust, debris and many other unwanted particulates collect in ventilation systems and make our lives a nightmare, especially during the allergies seasons. All you need to do is purchase some equipment, but you must have knowledge of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to start your own green business in this industry.

Recycling pickup

Many people pay attention when it comes to recycling paper, glass or plastic, but they seem to forget about proper recycling of electronics and batteries. To encourage better recycling habits you can start a company, which will pick up all the e-waste, like old televisions, laptops, cell phones, and bring them to electronic recycling facility. To get more ideas and tips you can turn to companies that do rubbish removal in Sydney and make sure to start the business properly.

Green house cleaning

In this busy reality, many people do not have enough time to clean their houses. So you can start a cleaning business, and offer to use only all-natural and eco-friendly cleaning products. You can provide a whole range of services, from light dusting to heavy-duty chores. Also, be sure to build a trustworthy relationship with the customers because they are letting you into their personal space.

Handmade all-natural products

It is easy to find online recipes for DIY household products, but if you package them nicely and sell in sets, you can make some profit. Beauty and cleaning products are easily made of organic materials, and your customers can have those organic products without having to spend their own time and resources.

Bio-fuel Development

Bio-fuel is becoming more popular nowadays because it is another great source of energy that does not pollute our environment. Gather all of the information needed and you can start producing your own bio-fuel.

Green Consulting

If you are an expert on green living, you can help others by starting an eco-consulting service. Services you can provide are evaluation of homes and offices and offering solutions to make them more eco-friendly. By pointing out their environmental strengths and weaknesses, you can make your clients’ lives easier.

There are many other interesting ideas for starting green business, and not only will you earn some money but also you will help your community to stay clean and healthy, and hopefully encourage more people around the world to do the same.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is a student of architecture from Sydney, Australia. She writes about landscaping and interior design, and is especially interested in sustainable architecture and ecology. She regularly writes for Smooth Decorator. In her free time, Lana loves cooking for her friends and family.

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