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Top 5 Businesses Supporting Wind Jobs

U.S. Green Technology specializes in connecting those seeking wind jobs to quality employers. Whether you’re looking for a specific green-collar job, or are open to opportunities at companies with sustainable practices, U.S. Green Technology provides resources for all skill levels and industries. Check out any of the popular searches above!


U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street
The pools at Chelsea Piers, powered by the wind. Image from NYCgo.

Going green makes good business sense these days, and many different kinds of companies are cashing in–from grocery suppliers to big time universities. These companies create and support wind jobs without actually sending their employees out to set up turbines.

Grocery Retailers: Whole Foods. Whole Foods boasts that they’re the first major retailer to offset a full 100% of their energy use with wind power credits. This dedication made it the largest corporation in the U.S. to rely on green energy.

Communications: Motorola. Motorola participates in the WindMade initiative, and has pledged to obtain at least 25% of its energy needs from wind power. Other companies that have made the pledge with the Belgium-based WindMade include LEGO and the World Wildlife Fund.

Web Hosting: ThinkHost. Wind jobs in web hosting? ThinkHost, based out of Portland, OR, makes it possible. They are 100% powered by wind and solar energy. They manage this by purchasing renewable energy credits, as opposed to installing panels and turbines in their offices, which aren’t suitable for such construction.

Sports/Entertainment: Chelsea Piers. New York’s largest commercial wind power consumer, and indirect wind jobs creator, is also one of their biggest destinations. Chelsea Piers is a sports and entertainment complex that includes a golf facility, health club, skating rink, event spaces, a sports arena, and room for fashion and film shoots.

Education: University of Pennsylvania. Nearly half of Penn’s electricity usage comes from wind energy–roughly 200,000 megawatt hours a year. This energy comes from people with wind jobs on wind farms throughout the state.

If you’re looking for wind jobs, you can expand your horizons. Now that companies are sourcing power from renewable sources, opportunities are everywhere.


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