Top 5 Green Hotels

It’s not easy to create green hotels. Most existing chains agree that retrofitting the HVAC system in every franchise, renovating interiors in favor of green materials, and making other major overhauls would be great. But most also agree it’s just not feasible, especially during this economy. That said, there are plenty of smaller ways hotel chains can be green.

For instance, they can update workout rooms with eco-friendly equipment. They can switch to eco-friendly linens and cleaning materials, and install low-flow shower heads and faucets. All things considered, here are the top five green hotels in the U.S.

1. Hilton Worldwide. Hilton is on a mission to reduce waste output by 20%, reduce emissions and CO2 output, and decrease their overall water consumption by 10%. They aim to accomplish it all by 2014.

2. Hyatt. “Hyatt Earth” is the chain’s sustainability program, aimed at reducing their carbon footprint with “measurable and purposeful action.”

3. Marriott. In Newsweek’s list of the 500 greenest companies, Marriott won the top spot for the best of the green hotels. Their new Atlanta headquarters, as well as 30 of their new chains, will be LEED certified.

4. Starwood. They may not be as well-known as some of the others on this list, but they came in at number two on Newsweek’s green hotels list with good reason. Starwood’s “Element” division is 100% LEED certified.

5. Best Western. The Green Task Force at Best Western is enacting a broad-scale recycling program, providing eco-education for all employees, and working with LEED certified designers on their buildings.

As green hotels flourish, green jobs in hospitality are becoming more prevalent. So are gigs in green travel. Check out the ecotravel options on Expedia, where you can plan your entire eco-trip conveniently from one easy, stress-free website.


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