Top 5 States for Clean Energy Jobs

Some states have more green energy jobs to offer than others. I looked at a variety of reports spanning from 2007 to 2012, and here are five states that were mentioned repeatedly as some of the greenest job spots across the U.S.

1. California – California earned the number one position on a number of lists, including a study by Pew Charitable Trusts in 2007, and a Job Spider search done in 2010. The Golden State leads the nation in solar energy, but they’re also invested in wind, and outstrip every other state in their number of organic farms (over 2,000).

2. Massachusetts – The Bay State has green energy jobs in wind, solar and other alternative sources. Recently, Massachusetts has been in the spotlight due to the Cape Wind Project, which is expected to provide power for over 420,000 homes with 130 windmills installed off the coast.

3. New York – Last May, polls showed a full 81 percent of New Yorkers supporting the New York Solar Jobs Act, which will generate thousands of energy jobs and quadruple the state’s reliance on solar power by 2014. Chelsea Piers, the famous sports and entertainment complex, is completely powered by wind.

4. Texas – With its southern location and ample supply of sunshine, Texas is a shoo-in when it comes to available solar power. Between August 2010 and August 2011, the Lone Star State’s solar industry saw 6.8 percent growth. The state supports over 100,235 solar energy jobs, and 24,000 more are expected to be created by the close of 2012.

5. Colorado – The Centennial State is working hard to enforce renewable energy standards that will have it 30 percent reliant on clean energy by 2020. One way they’re going about this is by harnessing their abundant wind power. The Peetz Table Wind Energy Center powers over 120,000 homes.


Credit John Courtney on Google+

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