Top 5 Steps towards Greening Your Beauty Routine

There is more to beauty than just wearing makeup on your face. You need to make sure that the products that make up your beauty routine are not only safe for you to use but to the environment as well. Failure to do so could see you end up with products that are harmful to your skin and the environment. It, therefore, makes sense to use products that are green so as to avoid all these mishaps. This piece highlights the 5 steps that you can adopt so as to make your beauty routine green.

  1. Read the symbols on the makeup bottle.

This is the first step when it comes to adopting a green beauty regime. You should make sure that your makeup is bottled and packaged in materials that are green. Check for eco-friendly symbols and marks on the package to be able to ascertain this fact. The use of eco-friendly packaging material is a big thing in the beauty industry and companies that package their products this way would advertise it on the package so as to attract more customers. Green packaging products include those that can be re-used all over again when its contents are exhausted. Another alternative would be to buy makeup items from companies with pick up points that collect used makeup bottles. This ensures the safe disposal of the bottles and this goes a long way to protect the environment.

  1. Opt for natural face masks.

Most women would admit to applying facial masks regularly. This is because facial masks contain ingredients that nourish the skin and rejuvenate skin cells. By repairing skin cells, facial masks ensure that your skin is forever soft and supple. Facial masks, however, are of two types; organic and inorganic masks. Inorganic masks are those that you will find in most supermarkets and drug stores. They are made of inorganic chemicals hence the name inorganic masks. These chemicals are harmful to the skin and harm the environment when they are washed off and they find their way into water sources. Organic masks, on the other hand, are made of naturally-occurring plants products that are smooth and gentle on the skin. You can easily make a natural facial mask at home and all that you need is fruits such as papaya, egg white, honey, and natural yoghurt.

  1. Use organic hair care products.

When it comes to hair management, the best products that you can use are those that are organic. The market is flooded with natural and organic hair care products such as shampoos and hair conditioners. These products will not only help you attain a greener beauty regime, they promote the health of your hair as well. Most inorganic hair products contain alcohol that gradually damages your hair when it is used for a long period of time. When you wash your hair, these chemicals are washed away and they find their way into water sources. This not only pollutes the water sources, it kills the creatures living in them as well.

  1. Use a natural moisturizer.

Moisturizer is one of those things that you cannot live without. It prevents your skin from drying up and this way you are able to maintain a pleasant appearance. Cosmetic firms are aware of this fact and that is why drugstore shelves are flooded with moisturizers of all kinds. Most of them, however, are inorganic and as such their prolonged use brings health complications. You best bet when it comes to moisturizers is to pick those that are natural. Natural moisturizers are gentle on your skin and they give you a natural and healthy glow.

  1. Shop for green cosmetic products.

To make your beauty routine greener, then you should definitely shop for green cosmetic products. These are those that are made of natural products that are smooth and gentle on your skin. A case in point would be to use natural eyes makeup such as natural mascara. Natural makeup has a long staying power and this way you remain elegant for the entire day.


We should always strive to protect the environment and this entails using cosmetic products that are eco-friendly as well. We hope this guide will help you make your beauty routinegreener.

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