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Top 7 Wireless Keyboards on the Market

The Best of Wireless Keyboards 2018 on the Market

If you are like most people, then you probably spend a lot of time on your computer searching for green jobs. Finding ways to make this device more functional and easy to use should be one of the main concerns that you have. There are a number of accessories on the market that are designed to take your computing experience to the next level. With the right wireless keyboard, you will be able to kick back from just about anywhere and surf the internet or type a paper. Once you start looking at the selection of wireless keyboards on the market, you will probably get a bit overwhelmed. Looking at sites like The Great Device is a great way to get an in-depth look at the various wireless keyboards out there. The following are just some of the best wireless keyboards out there.

1. The Logitech Mk550 Wave

One of the biggest selling points of this particular keyboard is that it comes with a mouse as well. This means you will be able to plug it in and get right to work. Another benefit that this wireless keyboard offers is a larger than normal size. If you are tired of making mistakes on smaller keyboards, then taking advantage of the larger size this keyboard can offer is essential. Not only is this keyboard bigger, it features a cushioned and curved design that makes typing for long periods of time much easier.

Features of the Logitech Mk550 Wave:

  • Mouse included with keyboard
  • Contoured for your comfort
  • The mouse features rubber grips for precise control of the cursor
  • Use this keyboard for up to 30 feet away

2. The Logitech K380

Are you looking for a keyboard that can be shared on multiple devices? The Logitech K380 is a great keyboard that can be used on everything from laptops to tablets and everything in between. Not only is this keyboard very versatile, it has a long-lasting battery that will allow you to keep typing without worrying about charging the device every few hours. The high-quality buttons on this keyboard make typing on the go easier than ever. If you are tired of cumbersome and hard to use wireless keyboards, then the Logitech K380 may be what you need.

Features of the Logitech K380:

  • The Logitech K380 features a unique and appealing design
  • Easily travel with this keyboard
  • Auto-recognition of the devices you are using
  • Long-lasting battery

3. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard- Wireless

If you are in the market for a device that can work well with Android and Windows devices, then this foldable Microsoft keyboard is a great option. There are a number of universal keyboards out there that have trouble connecting to and working with these frameworks. This can be both very frustrating and can prohibit you from being productive. With the purchase of this Microsoft keyboard, you should have no problem getting the connectivity you are after.

Features of the Microsoft Foldable Wireless Keyboard:

  • Sleek and foldable design makes traveling with this keyboard easy
  • This keyboard comes with a water-repellent cover
  • Smart Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • Less power consumption that most keyboards on the market

4. Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard

Looking for an environmentally friendly wireless keyboard? Choosing the Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard is a powerful keyboard that has built-in solar panels. This means you will be able to charge the keyboard while using it with a direct source of sunlight. Even if you are not in the sun, sources of light from home light bulbs can give this keyboard a charge. If you are tired of using keyboards that never seem to hold a charge for very long, the Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard may be just what you need.

Features of the Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard:

  • Small and sleek design suitable for travel
  • Wireless dongle makes it easy to hook other Logitech devices to this keyboard
  • Easily charged
  • Long battery life

5. Ivation 2.4 GHZ Keyboard

The first thing you will notice about this keyboard is the LED illumination on the keys. This makes this keyboard ideal for typing on the go or in dimly lit areas. For years, the team at Ivation have been making some of the most high-quality and sought after keyboards on the market. The bold printed letters that are featured on this keyboard making finding the letters you need easier than ever. The main goal of the team at Ivation is to make their keyboards as user-friendly as possible.

Features of the Ivation 2.4 GHZ Keyboard:

  • 4 GHZ technology
  • Operate this keyboard from up to 32 feet away from your computer
  • Highly accurate input

6. JETech 2.4G Keyboard

When searching for plug and play functionality, investing in a JETech 2.4G keyboard is your best bet. All you have to do to get this keyboard up and running is to plug in the NANO USB it comes with. This keyboard is great for people who are new to the world of wireless computing. The last thing any newcomer to this world wants is to be unable to use their keyboard due to it being cumbersome and complicated. The team at JETech strive to make their keyboards easy to use for everyone.

Features of the JETech 2.4G Keyboard:

  • This keyboard can be used up to 33 feet away from your computer
  • Great for users who need a high level of input and convenience
  • Automatic power saving feature

7. CaseFlex Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

In the market for a slim and lightweight keyboard? The team at CaseFlex has you covered. With their Bluetooth slim keyboard, you will be able to carry around this device without all day without feeling weighed down. This keyboard is great for business professionals who are constantly on the go. The best part about this keyboard is that is works with all of the major OS platforms out there.

Features of the CaseFlex Bluetooth Keyboard:

  • Durable rubber feet for stability
  • Adjustable angle makes ergonomic typing a breeze
  • Very pressure sensitive keys
  • Resilient design

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