Top Five Green Trends This Week: Honeymooning and Ballooning

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We’re officially in June, which means the birds are chirping, school is out, rose buds are showing off their vibrant colors and more wedding bells are ringing. This June, more individuals are striving to become greener in all aspects of their lives and seriously green their routines. Here are the top five green technology trends this week.

1. Wedding Makeup and Jewelry. June is the most popular month for weddings, and as more people “tie the knot” starting this week, they are making sure that knot is green as can be. For instance, this week, more June brides are rocking a rock – or diamond – that is conflict-free, which means it is not connected to African human rights abuses. In addition, all-natural organic makeup is making its way to the wedding makeup table because it is healthier for the skin, not containing toxic chemicals.

2. Wedding Dresses and Honeymoons. During the wedding season, not only is the makeup and diamonds becoming eco-friendlier this week but also so is the attire. That means going the vintage route by wearing a family wedding gown that has been altered to fit your body shape and personality. More brides and bridesmaids this week also are considering incorporating items into their wedding day attire that have been used before, and many are checking into the possibility of purchasing eco-couture gowns that are fabricated from sustainable materials. More brides this week are realizing that they can wear white and green all at the same time. They also are planning ecotourism trips for their honeymoons with the goal of visiting places that boast of the earth’s beauty while also allowing them to help to conserve the earth through local projects.

3. Blowing Hot Air. This week on June 5, America celebrates the first hot air balloon flight. Many people are taking advantage of the opportunity to try out a hot air balloon for the first time to create a unique experience or simply to celebrate a special occasion – such as a wedding anniversary. This enjoyable mode of transportation can be considered to be green because it uses propane gas, which is environmentally friendly because it is clean burning, meaning it produces only carbon dioxide and water vapor. The idea of a greener hydroelectric hot air balloon that is powered by an electric engine is gaining even more steam today.

4. Second “Earth Day.” Earth Day has passed, but its cousin is taking charge this week also on June 5 – World Environment Day. This week, many more people are organizing to make a green statement and difference by arranging a neighborhood cleanup, planting trees, walking to and from school/work, starting a recycling drive or even using more cloth bags. Since 1972, the World Environment Day celebration has taken place across the globe via the United Nations’ efforts to protect the environment.

5. Clean Cars the Green Way. As more people are enjoying the outdoors this week, washing and polishing their cars or motorcycles, more are turning to a very green cleaning agent – vinegar. Sure, vinegar tastes great on salads, but Mother Earth also likes it: Vinegar is effective for cleaning off bird droppings and bumper sticker glue, and you can even use it to polish chrome. Vinegar is a much more eco-friendly choice for car cleaning than its commercial cleaning counterparts.

By: YaShekia King

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