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Top 10 Green Tech Blogs for 2013

Green Jobs: Top 10 Green Tech Blogs for 2013

Don’t become green with envy about not having that dream job yet: Just keep your eyes open, and when experts give you the green light to tap into some promising aspect of the growing green technology sector, go full speed ahead. Fortunately, you don’t have to look very far for solid expert advice on green jobs and green business in the changing economy of 2013: Here are the 10 top-ranked green tech blogs for 2013—highly trafficked must-reads if you don’t want to be left behind in one of the most accelerating job sectors today.

1) Huffington Post: This news site features an extremely prominent blog that claims a first-place spot worldwide, according to blog service media company Technorati. This blog addresses green topics such as energy, climate change and green technology. Did you know that one professor has actually invented a kit to transform any car into a hybrid? With Huffington Post, you’ll never be left in the dust in the constantly changing green news sector.

2) TreeHugger: This leading green technology site, which started in 2004, has quickly become one of the most popular green blogs on the Web. The site covers green business, jobs, energy, technology and living both nationally and internationally, and it is updated around the clock. Are you interested in 10 technology resolutions you can make for 2013? Grab a hold of Treehugger.

3) The Daily Green: This blog also makes the top 10 list of green technology blogs in 2013 for its thorough green news coverage. At this site, which surfaced on Earth Day in 2007, you have access to a green jobs guide and can read about everything from green cars to energy-saving tips and even green cuisine. Want to learn about 10 jobs that are available in the solar industry, or nine ways to work outside? The Daily Green has you covered every day of the week.

4) Environmental Graffiti: Launched in 2007, this quirky green technology site is perfect for those who enjoy learning unusual nuggets of information or who want to discover the under-the-radar aspects of the booming green economy. The site covers green lifestyles and the environment in addition to addressing green technology. Did you know that the incredible flying cars of tomorrow are already in the making? Environmental Graffiti paints green technology in a whole new light.

5) EcoGeek: With the theme of “Brains for the Earth,” this leading green technology site is the perfect wellspring of information for the eager green mind. The site covers the latest in green technology, focusing on areas such as energy and gadgets as well as weird news. Could your next car be a green driverless one? Ecogeek will school you on the latest in the eco-friendly world.

6) Grist: Known as a “beacon in the smog,” this green blog site is known for its solid journalistic reporting on a wide range of green topics that are relevant to you since 1999. For instance, the site covers climate and energy, green living and green politics. Did you know that new technology is making peer-to-peer businesses such as renting out your own green room or home for short periods of time even more popular? Find out more of the gritty details at Grist.

7) Ecofriend: A longtime friend to the green enthusiast, this leading green technology blog has been active since 2005. Its diverse coverage includes geothermal energy, green tech gadgets, biofuels and eco-friendly news. Did you know that one invention actually allows you to exercise and generate green energy at the same time? Ecofriend will keep you in the loop in the green tech circle, just like any good friend would do.

8) World Changing: This green blog comprehensively covers a plethora of information on sustainability—everything from green business to green technology and green politics. In fact, Time Magazine calls it one of the world’s top 15 environmental sites, and it has been acknowledged for its strong focus on solutions and for its organic design. Interested in engaging in the green trend of personal car sharing, or want to stay abreast on how the infrastructures of cities such as New York City are greening? World Changing just might change your world.

9) Triple Pundit: This green technology blog focuses on the three P’s of green business: profit, people and planet. The site is known for its ability to cover green business, politics and technology in depth. Did you know that paper selection in the office can have a huge impact on Mother Earth, for instance? Triple Pundit allows you to explore the triple bottom line of today’s sustainable business arena.

10) U.S. Green Technology: Founded in 2009, this top green technology blog has paved the way for making a plethora of information about green jobs easy to locate in just one spot—which makes it stand out from the other top green blogs for 2013. We highlight news in the areas of green jobs, changes in green business, new green start-ups and green technology. We also have partnered with CareerBuilder to leverage our unique green jobs content with CareerBuilder’s green job postings, resume tips and career advice. Were you aware that by 2030, more than 90% of our electric grid in the United States easily could be green? With U.S. Green Technology, keeping your green job search and industry knowledge current couldn’t be easier.

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