Triodos Bank completed the most clean energy investment deals in 2016 (Image from

Triodos Bank Leads the Way for Clean Energy Investment in Europe

Sustainable Dutch bank, Triodos Bank, completed the highest of clean energy investment deals during 2016, according to Clean Energy Pipeline’s Renewables Infrastructure Investment in Europe 2016 report.

Triodos Bank completed the most clean energy investment deals in 2016 (Image from

Triodos Bank, which has branches in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain and Germany , granted 57 clean energy loans in 2016. The bank finished ahead of the Spanish Banco Santander was second, while French bank Natixis finished in third.

Triodos Bank’s lending across Europe totaled to $323 million, making it the leading lender for small to medium-sized renewable energy projects seeking financing of more than £2 million.

Environment Team Leader at Triodos Bank U.K., Philip Bazin, said: “The Clean Energy Pipeline investment report reflects a significant year for Triodos Bank where we have expanded our breadth of the clean energy market, and we are looking to grow our portfolio of lending to medium sized organizations seeking finance and have expanded our team to meet the demands of a growing sector.”

Triodos Bank U.K. has plans to fund its largest ground-mounted solar project to date for Danish investor Nordic Solar, and is also financing its first ground-source heat pump installations. The bank also lended more than £19 million to community renewable projects. With these projects, the bank is now committed to 11 different projects in the renewable sector.

Triodos Bank’s other lending projects included debt financing of a 4.2MWp community solar farm, done in partnership with Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy, with help from Public Power Solutions and Mongoose Energy.

Triodos Bank also successfully leant to several high-impact community projects for companies like Bristol Energy Cooperative, Galson Trust, Berwickshire Community Renewables LLP and Chelwood Energy Limited.

Despite the recent surge, Triodos Bank has actually long been involved in the renewables market, having entered in the mid-1980s.

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