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Try Out Green-Roofed Cottages for Your Wedding Venue

Planning a huge wedding in a venue with over a hundred guests where anything can go wrong at any time can be stressful, especially since it’s the one day when couples should be full of energy and hope for the future.

These days, however, couples are planning out smaller weddings in a cottage or a rural venue where nature gives off a breath of fresh air and positive vibe. The cottage-style wedding is slowly becoming a viable solution for many soon-to-be-weds, simply because it’s more affordable and feels much more personal; being in a cottage with only the closest friends and relatives is what today’s modern couples often crave; out of the cities and into the wild.

Ahead of the Curve

The fact of the matter is that smaller weddings are easier to control and anticipate; guests can often have unexpected ideas and requests so in a concentrated crowd occupying a small venue those kinks can be addressed easily. Going about planning a cottage wedding should start by looking for an appropriate venue according to the number of people attending. It doesn’t have to be big since the majority of the main ceremony takes place outside; which is the beauty of cottage weddings. Nature provides a unique twist which is hard to come by in fast-moving cities and populated hubs.

The Venue of your Dreams

Once the venue is set, getting it prepared for the arriving guests and planning out what exactly does the couple want/need is more fun than any hotel or wedding hall planning could ever be. It’s important to make sure the venue is clean, presentable, and also safe from any wildlife. It’s quite possible there’s roaming wildlife around the venue; cottages are surrounded by nature, that’s their main appeal after all. Making the guests sure that they are safe goes a long way in making everyone feel comfortable. Setting up pointers to the venue and properly addressing the invitations should be done carefully for the simple fact that cottages can only be found if you know where to look. Getting as much greenery and plant life inside the cottage and out is a great way to surprise the guests expecting just another typical wedding.

The cottage itself might not hold that many people, so making sure that enough space is provided for everyone is essential. It’s always a good idea to have a tent rented and ready just to be sure; the weather can be tricky and it’s not possible to plan a wedding for tomorrow; it’s a process of which the weather doesn’t care much. The musical side requires attention as well; whether it’s classical violin or a popular band, the musicians need to be in a sheltered space where they can pick up and put their equipment with ease. Tables and sufficient sitting space with appropriate dishes and service should also be properly addressed; sufficient space and tableware for all the guests is a must.

Use Green Tech to Trim Expenses

Green technology, such as solar panels for example, is an excellent way of saving energy and lighting up your wedding venue without spending a fortune on heat and electricity. Inside the cottage, you should consider candles and candle lights as well; this will create the most romantic ambiance, and your guests will surely appreciate your innovative spirit.

Green roofed cottages feature an old-fashioned allure that will leave everyone speechless. They might look outdated on the outside; but if you decorate them properly, you’ll enjoy the most unique and original wedding ceremony.

Green Décor

As far as the décor is concerned, you can keep things green with flower plants. This way you can easily re-use them in your backyard, garden, or home. Bamboo decorations and chairs made of reclaimed wood are also great ideas for an eco-friendly wedding design.

When all is said and done, all that’s left is to spend a day surrounded by nature and closest friends and relatives; holding that special someone in both arms. More and more couples tend to flock to outdoor Suffolk wedding venues and cottages, and who can blame them? There’s nothing more satisfying or memorable as a well planned heartwarming wedding venue; and cottage venues provide more than anyone could ask for.

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