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U.S. Falls Behind India In Energy-Efficient Train Technologies

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Berlin, Germany-based Bombardier Transportation, the rail equipment division of Canada’s Bombardier Inc. and one of the world’s largest companies in the rail equipment manufacturing and servicing industry, is helping India’s Delhi Metro to achieve an impressive world-first linked to environmental performance by becoming the first energy-efficient railway project in the world to receive valuable carbon credits for regenerative braking.

The energy-efficient BOMBARDIER MOVIA metro trains used by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) incorporate the advanced BOMBARDIER MITRAC propulsion system and regenerative braking, which can generate up to 30% in energy savings. This energy-efficient technology has contributed to Delhi Metro earning the equivalent of $446,000 USD under a United Nations-backed initiative to combat climate change.

Energy-efficient projects within UN can earn carbon credits

Within the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has claimed Certified Emission Reductions also known as carbon credits. The CDM enables emission-reduction projects to earn carbon credits, each equivalent to one ton of CO2. These carbon credits can then be traded and sold, thereby stimulating sustainable development and emission reductions.

Mr. Anuj Daihal, Chief Public Relations Officer of DMRC said: “We are extremely proud of our achievement in improving the energy efficiency of our metro system and becoming the first railway project to benefit from this important UN initiative relating to climate change. Bombardier Transportation has supported us by supplying modern, highly energy-efficient trains, which are also greatly appreciated by the travelling public for their comfort and convenience.”

The MOVIA metro trains supplied to Delhi Metro are state-of-the-art stainless steel vehicles, including many modern features, such as air-conditioning and electronic information systems and also feature the MITRAC technology. Its regenerative braking system feeds energy back into the network, where it can be used by other trains in the same service, thereby creating significant energy savings.


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