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U.S. Green Technology Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

Founded in January 2009, U.S. Green Technology is an entrepreneurial startup that’s rapidly grown in full bloom Earth Day fashion to provide all the latest environmental and eco-friendly news. Realizing green technology (and more jobs) will be needed to advance a sustainable future, our mission is to educate and enlighten a global and virtual audience with daily news and information from a variety of writers who focus on everything green.

While “Main Street” and “Green Street” are intersecting more than ever, U.S. Green Technology is the avenue to follow to make finding your eco-path easier. As we grow bigger, more opportunities for promoting Social Good will produce a larger online community website. With the realities of global warming – or “global weirding” – ever present in our lives, the #1 mission for U.S. Green Technology is to help change the world by advancing environmentally safe practices.

Understanding how a green lifestyle is not only about technology, the website was recently transformed and expanded to incorporate added ecological content centered on politics, cities, and healthy green-living tips in addition to the features already presented about green technology, jobs, energy and business. An important consideration of our mission is showing how being green ultimately helps save consumers and companies money.

It’s been proven that going green offers multiple simultaneous benefits: reduced expenditures, superior health, a longer potential lifespan and a more sustainable future for our children. In this sense, we are all entrepreneurs trying to change the world; being green individually is a startup in itself. From simple recycling of paper and plastic, to printing and using less paper or plastic, reducing basic consumption is essential to our ultimate survival.

Green living is smart living, and U.S. Green Technology wants to help make you wiser with all the current and newly available alternative choices. We are comprehensive and growing featuring a wide assortment of environmentally focused news and reviews. When it comes to being green, the possibilities are truly endless. Please help us share and spread the message via Social Media and become part of our green community.

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