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U.S. Green Technology Goes Global to Support International Contributors

U.S. Green Technology has made a huge name for itself in the United States since launching in 2009, but its influence is not merely domestic: It’s worldwide. As a writer for U.S. Green Technology, you can proudly state that you write for a reputable source of not only U.S. green news but international green technology news that affects people around the globe.

We have been accepting an increasing amount of high-quality contributor content from countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and India. Climate change affects every country by threatening their food supplies; in fact, it is expected to reduce food production in countries by 2 percent each decade through 2100 at a time when the demand for food is slated to grow, research shows. Climate change is also a growing threat to national security worldwide by serving as a catalyst for stiff conflict.

We at U.S. Green Technology are excited to be growing in our international reach, as we understand that the latest in the green movement has a global effect. We therefore are dedicated to helping you to produce relevant pieces that can impact the world for years to come.

Guidelines for International Submissions

Articles that are written well have the potential to drive more traffic to the U.S. Green Technology site and thus give you more notoriety on the Web. Here are a few guidelines for submitting blog content internationally.

  1. Write about the most up-to-date international events that also affect individuals in the United States. U.S. readers are apt to read pieces about green industry developments that will have an impact on their lives and their economy both short-term and long-term.
  2. If you are offering tips about going green, for example, provide practical tips that will help readers to address climate-change challenges in their local areas. These types of stories can easily send a message about the value of going green no matter where readers are located across the globe.
  3. Provide blog posts that are interesting, present new ideas and are logical.
  4. Be sure to include original work—work that hasn’t been published elsewhere on the Web.
  5. You can feel free to promote your posts via social networking sites and contribute as frequently as you wish.

We look forward to working with you and sharing your green technology content with the world.

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