Unparalleled Sears Holdings Boasts Four Major Energy-Efficiency Awards

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If the number “four” stands for stability and being grounded, then it makes sense that Sears Holdings has accomplished one of the hugest green feats in the business world—not once, but four times in a row.

Sears Holdings has been selected as a 2013 Energy Star Partner of the Year winner for Sustained Excellence in the Energy Management and Retail categories by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Not only is it the company’s fourth time receiving the award but also it is its first year earning the Sustained Excellence honor, which points to the fact that it is dedicated to energy efficiency.

In particular, Sears Holdings stands out among a whopping 20,000 Energy Star program participants due to its unique ability to establish and achieve aggressive goals to decrease greenhouse gas emissions as well as promote energy-efficiency strategies.

“Sears Holdings leads the field with its commitment to energy efficiency and demonstrates how all Americans can save energy, save money and create a healthier environment,” according to Bob Perciasepe, acting administrator with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Sears Holdings in 2012 reduced its normalized source energy usage by 7 percent over the previous year. In addition, the energy-efficient company offers 48 clothes washers and 11 refrigerators; promotes its green Sears and Kmart websites; and reduced its electricity usage in 2012 by 6 percent from the previous year. Sears Holdings also has strong relationships with local utilities, which distinguishes it from other department stores.

With Energy Star having already helped Americans to save a whopping $230 billion on utilities bills, Sears Holdings continues to set a strong example of the benefit of going green—for both companies and consumers alike.

By YaShekia King

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