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Review of Clean Technology in the Oil & Gas Industry

Renewable Energy, clean technology

Innovation Thrives In The Oil & Gas Industry The extraordinary shifts that the oil and gas industry has seen in recent years have been largely driven by technological advances in the realm of horizontal drilling and the enormous potential of previously untapped shale plays. The same spirit of innovation which has made this growth possible is now beginning to be ...

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Tips for Shopping for Green Home Products

green home products, eco-friendly

Companies and advertisers have finally caught on to the people's desire for green home products. Manufacturers and retailers are offering [read more]

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5 Ways to Find an Energy-Efficient Solution in the Cloud

Energy-Efficient Solution

Adopting cloud-based technology is a smart choice to save money and also provides an innovative means to adopt a more energy-efficient solution.

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Profit’s A Lot Better When It’s Green

If you run a business, you want to make a profit and nothing is going to stop that from being the truth. Earning money allows you to grow a business and create a successful community. Profit is also used as the reason why so many business owners won’t green their practices. But we’re going to look at how a little ...

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How Metal Will Build A Green Future For America

wind jobs, metal

Fuel sources often hit the headlines first, it's the materials behind the scenes that will make it all possible. And at the heart of it is the use of metal.

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Solar Energy Jobs Continue to be on the Rise

green jobs, solar energy, solar panels

With steady growth in jobs reported in recent years, the job growth in the solar industry is set to continue for years to come, according to a reputable consulting group.

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Biogas Industry Looks to Change Image, Add Jobs

As sustainability (mostly) continues to become more fashionable, the biogas industry is emerging as an important source of renewable energy, especially for rural areas.

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