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Green Jobs: Easy Green Beauty Swaps for 2018

Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? If not, we’ve got some tips for you; we’re going to talk a look at how some simple switches to your everyday beauty routine can actually help you be more sustainable -- and that’s something you can feel proud about in 2018. It’s far short of getting green jobs, but little changes like these can have a ripple effect on the way you live to make you an overall more environmentally friendly person.

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Sustainable Farming Practices to Watch for in 2018

sustainable farming practices

How Innovation and Technology are Improving Sustainable Farming Practices It’s a new year, and the world continues marching forward. Global warming continues to announce its arrival, despite the detractors and deniers. Our population continues to grow and live longer, and citizens continue to innovate and implement healthier and environmentally positive techniques into their everyday lives and industries. Agriculture and sustainable ...

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10 Easy Additions For Your Smart Home To Make Life Easier

Smart Home, Sears

With the dizzying number of smart home devices on the market today – from wristwatches to air conditioning units – knowing where to start can be a challenge. Here are 10 of the easiest smart home devices to incorporate into your home.

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Drying of the West Forces Farmers To Conserve Water

Green Business, Conserve Water

Western Americans are constantly being urged to conserve water. For years, restrictions have been placed on residential water use.

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Green Jobs: How To Go Green On New Year’s Eve

Switching careers to a green job is a great New Year’s Resolution, but you can also aim a little smaller with your sustainable efforts. And you don’t actually have to wait until the clock hits midnight to start being more eco-friendly. Why not kick things off during your New Year’s Eve bash, which otherwise has the potential to be a very wasteful affair? Here are a few ways how.

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Green Jobs: Odd Materials That Could Replace Plastic

While plastic has certainly proved itself as a versatile and reliable material over the past 100 years, it also is extremely harmful to the environment. With new options emerging, it’s time for the world to start taking care of our planet and using alternative materials for bags, bottles, and more. A shift to other materials could also put a wide variety of new green jobs on the market.

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Green Jobs: What If Edible Straws Could Save The World?

While making a career switch to green jobs is a great way to help make an impact on your environment, there are several changes you can make at home to be more sustainable as well. And if people are able to adapt certain strategies on a larger scale, there is great potential to make a real difference.

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