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ChargePoint is working tirelessly to crack the code for a truly seamless EV experience by looking at where they can expand the EV charging experience outside of the hometown and giving more confidence to the consumer. Image from chargepoint.com

USGT Green Light: ChargePoint, the World’s Largest and Most Open EV Charging Network

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Name: ChargePoint

Mission: To help people make the switch to EV by providing an open charging network while also creating a seamless charging experience for drivers, partners, and station owners so you can plug in wherever you go.

Contact: @ChargePointNet, YouTube 

Who is ChargePoint?

ChargePoint is a tech company making the EV driving experience seamless and convenient for drivers.

While EV cars are gaining popularity (Tesla, Nisson, and Toyota are prime examples), charging stations aren’t quite as on-pace, making it difficult for drivers to transition to an electric vehicle as their primary car.

ChargePoint, however, has leapt in to the market to create a seamless charging experience for drivers so they can take their EV out of their hometown and on a weekend road trip or an out-of-town work meeting or to grandma’s house for the holidays.

As more and more EVs arrive on the market, ChargePoint anticipates some of the basic needs for a driver, like charging at home, around town, and out-of-town, and working to provide them so that the EV experience is as seamless and convenient as possible.

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ChargePoint doesn’t actually own the charging stations themselves. Instead, they work with property owners (like Sears, Target, apartment complexes, etc.) to bring in EV charging stations. ChargePoint provides the support, gathers the data, partners with car manufacturers to integrate technology, and more for the owners and users of EV stations.

What are they up to?

ChargePoint has recently partnered with Sun Edison, a solar installer, and Nest, a home energy manager and thermostat, to bring the EV and energy management experience into the home.

When you think about breaking your home energy usage into percentages, EV owners’ car charging will make up at least half of that usage. By moving in to the home market, ChargePoint can better create that seamless charging experience for EV drivers by integrating as much data and usage as possible.

By simply looking at their EV dashboard or ChargePoint app, a user can see how much juice they have left, where the nearest charging station is, what their range is on their car, and more.

With their recent app and by partnering with car manufacturers to bring user-friendly technology dashboards into their cars, ChargePoint is able to bring the data to the driver in a consumable, usable format.

What’s in the future?

ChargePoint is working tirelessly to crack the code for a truly seamless EV experience by looking at where they can expand the EV charging experience outside of the hometown and giving more confidence to the consumer.

The biggest challenge right now? Getting consumers to realize that they can do more with an EV car than just bop around town and making the EV car the primary vehicle.

Partnerships with car manufacturers, exploring fuel credit programs, integrating the EV with the smart home, and bringing data to the consumer in an understandable and convenient format is helping to make the EV car one of the dominant forms of transportation.

With marketing efforts focused more on the industry side (car manufacturers, industry publications, etc.), ChargePoint rarely has to champion the EV cause; they simply want to solve the gap between towns so that the EV experience can go further, longer, smarter.

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