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Ways to make your garden more green

Garden is a place that surrounds the house and makes the area cultivated and refined, in other words, it makes it more comfortable for living. They have a protective role besides the visual aspect because well organized groups of shrubs and conifers may protect against wind and snow. The high hardwood can provide shade and freshness in the summertime and if well positioned it can contribute to the style the garden. Here are some tips for maintaining your garden and making it greener:

Advice for the organization and the maintenance of the garden

The garden should never be isolated and extracted from the complete impression and the character of the environment in which it is located. Its borders define and protect our personal space, separating the external environment from the part that we call home. Hedges allow the screening of the space by hiding the unpleasant elements from its surrounding, thus they increase the necessary privacy. Hedges of shrubs and coniferous trees significantly reduce the noise from a busy street. Part of the garden can be used as an extension of the living room, creating a seamless transition from the interior to the outdoors. Paved balconies and a variety of structures covered with plants will reduce the contrast between the open and closed space ensuring safe and comfortable environment for children and the adults to relax in.

Arranging a beautiful garden around the house and taking maximum advantage of the capacity of the space is a challenge for every household. You need to put the idea on the paper in order to achieve the right correlation between the needs of the house and your own wishes. After that you should select the plants in accordance with those wishes as well as the current financial situation. The ultimate goal is to achieve the overall harmony. The garden is a living organism and each season brings new challenges and situations that should be handled with a lot of inspiration.

The selection of plants is directly affecting the style of the garden. Large leaves of dominant texture can bring up the grandeur of the space while the dominance of gentle conifers and silvery gray needles create a sense of ease and lightness.

Large and tall trees can bring up that special quality of every garden with their shadows. Small delicate trees are ideal for confined spaces and they can bring out the beauty of taller trees in larger areas if they are positioned the right way. Before planting the trees everything should be calculated according to the final dimension of the crown to avoid any corrections after a number of years. The trees must be properly pruned if they are reducing the light or blocking the view. This also applies to trees near houses in order to prevent the clogging of the gutters and drain pipes. The trees should be planted with enough distance from the house because their roots can damage the foundation of the house or the pipes.

New pavers can make your garden easy to access and take us to remotest parts. They represent a useful link of solid surfaces and they are making a visual connection of certain parts of the garden by breaking the monotony. You must choose more logical and shorten routes although the meanders bring up a special charm. A good foundation is very important so that the pavement will last longer and it is best to design a track for at least two people. Natural stone is the oldest material used for making a pavement because it is very durable and very decorative at the same time.

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